20 February 2011

In sickness...

I ache.
I shiver.
I flush cold with fever.
I nestle my shoulder deep
into the warm cave of your armpit.
My heavy head finds soft purchase
in the valley between your shoulder and chest.
Your strong arm tenderly cradles my back.
The cadence of your breath lulls me...
I sleep.
I dream.
I heal in your love.

As the bonds of sleep release me
I slowly awaken.
Your arm morphs into my blanket.
I stir.
Your chest reveals itself as my pillow.
I rise.
My shoulder has no cave.

I feel your absence.
You exist only in my dreams.
You've yet to enter my life.

The one
who'll snuggle me
...in sickness and in health.


zirelda said...

Ah I don't even have that...

Sandra Miller Linhart said...

I don't know why not? You're a perfectly snuggleable (is that a word?) soul. Tell Dan to step up! :o)

I have no problem snuggling my kids when they're sick. I'd have no problem huggling a significant other in the same situation - if I had a SO, that is... why don't they like to tit-for-tat?

*sigh* Life isn't fair.
I'm off to eat some worms.

pass the popcorn, please!