27 August 2014

Mixed Up

10 June 2014


I wrap my fingers around you.
I've longed for the feel of you in my hands; your hardness pleases me.
I caress you while I imagine the heights you'll take me.

I slide you in...
I slide you out, ever... so... slowly...
I position you... I pause...

My heart beats a bit faster. My breath catches.
I bite my lip.

I'm not quite ready.  It's been a while...

Slower... we have time.

I slide you in, and hold you there.
The seconds pass. I sense your energy - our potential...
I dare not move for fear of ruining this perfect moment.

I slide you out.
I bring you to my lips; my tongue plays with your tip and my lips barely dance across your shaft. My mind is already where we could be together.

Okay. I'm ready.

I place your tip in the proper position and slowly move with you... and with every stroke I become more excited, more alive... more me.  My passion pours out through you.
Each stroke melds us, you and I. Entangled in a divine purpose, fate brought us together.
I feel your power as you allow me to guide you. My hunger builds.

Our strokes come faster now, more powerful; raw with desire.
My mind races; my heart pounds, I grip you tighter.. I am lost in the moment with you...
The phone screams from its cradle...

...My passion evaporates; gone.

I slide you back into your cap.
I place you on our half-written page...

There will be no more writing today.

09 June 2014

Love and Other Surprises

I watched a strange movie yesterday; the strangest part being my mother recommended it. She told me Charter was offering it onDemand as a free movie and she wanted to know my thoughts on it.

It's Alexandra's Project... and... without spoiling it for you - I am amazed at the writer's insight and ability to portray it in film. I was transfixed throughout, and the first thought I had when it was over was, "Of course." And, for about five minutes, I felt vindicated and the world made perfect sense... If the world was merely comprised of the differences between the sexes, that is. But, what do I know...

"You know nothing, Jon Snow."
Which brings me to love, and first ones at that. I have never, to my knowledge, ever been anyone's first love. My first love's first love was a girl who showed up in the middle of my time with him. [If you read that to read my first love was a girl, you need to go back and read it again... slowly]. My first... and second husbands' first loves... and my last boyfriend, come to think of it... well, hell, might as well call me 'Rebound Sally'...

"Rebound Girl... I like the way that sounds!!" said no woman, ever!
When you're a rebound girl, no matter how much you lie to yourself - stuff like, "Well... he's with me now, so he has to love me at least a little bit more, right? Right? *crickets* ...you never quite measure up - which means, the inevitable is, in fact...well, inevitable.

...closer to a Miley meets Taylor Swift??? Maybe???
It's always so much fun to be told how you will never quite measure up to the mystical, perfect girl *ReginaWendyDenaCough* who [got away/kicked him to the curb/got tired of his bull...face. (No, seriously - I was thinking face. What'd you think I meant?)/fill in the blank]. Which begs the question, if you were so perfect together why'd you break up?

...uh, huh... sure...
But, that was then, this is now and my point is about not being anyone's first love.

It's not fatal. We will survive... unfortunately.

I'd wager pretty much every one of us can name our first love, and wonders about them from time to time - and some of you may have been lucky enough to have had that person love you back, and even more cool if you somehow managed to stay with that person - marry, kids, the whole nine. I don't resent you. In fact, I think that's pretty impressive; I envy you.

However, I wonder how many of us are lucky enough to BE the first love... or a second... or even truly loved for that matter.

When I hear the term, "First Love" my mind, without exception, recalls the defining line from Murphy's Romance.  It goes something like this {spoiler alert!}:

Emma (Sally Field): "I'm in love for the first time in my life."
Murphy (James Garner): "I'm in love... for the last time in my life."

Which reminds us paid members of the Lonely Hearts Club it's not always best to be first. Hang in there. The best is yet to come.

In Joy & Enjoy

pass the popcorn, please!