08 July 2017

To the Victor...

I had a non-religious epiphany this morning. I've noticed quite a few pirating sites online that are offering my books for free download. Well, some sites offer them for free, but apparently one must sign up and pay to use their sites... so, define "free". 😃

Anyway, back to the epiphany... I was feeling a bit nose-out-of-jointed, thinking, "Damn them! Don't they know I'm a struggling artist?"

Then, I took a step back and looked at the big picture.

because everyone loves pictures...
That's when I realized these sites/people are actually working for me.

They're giving me unsolicited marketing and publicity, and I don't have to lift a finger.

Sure, I lose a couple of dollars for each book they download for free. But, in the long run, who can get that much publicity for a mere few bucks?

My distributors are losing out on big bucks; Me... not so much.
If you google one of my book titles, you'll see that some geniuses have listed a few titles on eBay at exorbitant prices... which is super comical when you think about it.

All of my titles are currently offered on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Kmart, and Walmart at reasonable prices. Well, Kmart does somewhat gouge compared to Amazon's prices, which is weird...

So, what does listing one of my books on eBay at over $50 a book do for me?

Well, my friend, it gives my books yet another avenue of unsolicited publicity and marketing. If one were to go on eBay to look at children's books and see one of my titles and is interested, that same person may look at the price and say, "Woah! That's expensive! Did the author die, or something? Is it a limited edition?" So that same discerning person might google the title of my book and find that it's offered (new) for under $15 (paperbacks). Then that intelligent person would go ahead and buy the new book for the more reasonable price, which puts a few dollars in my pocket.

"Yes," you say. "That may be true of eBay books. But what of the free downloads?"

If you google What Does a Hero Look Like?, you'll see the proper link to my book from Amazon and Barnes&Noble, etc., but you'll also see shill sites and the free download site.

...and the cover of my book looks something like this.
In my humble opinion, only a certain type of person pirates the artistic works of others. They have no qualms usurping items (movies, songs, and in this case, books) for their own pleasure - or perhaps to trade online for other favors, or to share with friends as a type of payment or reward, maybe? Who knows? It doesn't matter.

What does matter is these people who download intellectual property for free more than likely share these items with other people - spreading (basically) the artists' names around the world. Eventually, a more honest and respectful individual may find he or she likes the work of said artist, and does some research on the author/musician, etc. Bam! This law-abiding citizen sees all the books I have written, and sees they're all sold at a reasonable price... so she or he buys more of my titles. Hopefully.

It all works out in the end, my friend.

Enjoy & In Joy

pass the popcorn, please!