19 June 2008

Six feet under (water)

5 right feet, 1 left - all clad in running shoes and found on the coastal border of western Canada - about 115 (150?) miles of shoreline between Vancouver, British Columbia and Vancouver Island.

According to Dan Springer in Seattle, all six feet have been in the water for a while as they are merely skeletal remains tucked inside running shoes.

Suicide victims? Experts say probably not. Accident victims? Unlikely. Drug/payback related? May be. Serial killers? Worry and concern there may be a crazy person out there. Several young men have gone missing east of the Vancouver area in the past few years. Hoax? How would you hoax something like that? Just drop by the local cemetery and dig up just the feet? How many people are buried in tennis shoes? Anybody know? I don't, but I would bet the dearly departed are mostly dolled up in their best, including shoes. Don't ask me why. I've never understood you humans in regard to death and dying... and then burying your dead (which is another subject all together).

I wonder if the left foot is a match to one of the rights.

Maybe a shark out there has an anti-foot fetish. Strange going-ons... goings-on?

Hey, Danna, heads-up. I just heard on the news the police in Holly Springs, GA (NE Atlanta) are tacking on an additional $12 to all moving violations as a fuel surcharge - to cover the cost of the gas they used to pull you over. Good news - they'll consider dropping the fee if gas drops below $3/gal. Ouch! Talk about slapping you twice.

Again, I ask, to whom do I send the bill for my fuel surcharge?

Last week I stopped twice - two different days - for people in the crosswalk. These were not at lighted intersections, but marked crosswalks on heavily travelled side streets. The first time, two teen-aged girls had been standing in the crosswalk, waiting for traffic for a while. The second time, a man in the December of his life (80s?) was trying to cross. Both times, no one was directly behind me, but about half a block to a block away. I stopped to allow these pedestrians to cross. Both times the vehicles behind me passed me on the right and damned near took out the crossers.

When did they change that particular law? Do people have to pass driving test these days, or just look good in their DMV photo?

Enjoy your Thursday.  I have a lawn to mow. (Today is Thursday, isn't it?)


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