20 October 2013

Not Much of Nothing.

Like so many things... I had a thought I'd wanted to share, but now it's gone. Vanished... Into the abyss.

Last evening I snuggled into my bed, reading a book.  Jack startled me out of the pages, when she ran in screaming, "O. M. G!"

I yelled back, "O. M. G. W. H. A. T?"

She stopped in her tracks. Her face contorted in myriad ways...
Then, she burst out laughing... once she realized what W H A T meant. It took her longer than it ought to have. Just sayin'.

I never did find out what she was O.M.Ging...

I had to run to the store this morning.

Jo is in Tiger Ladies this year, and we had to get her a type of duffle bag in which to carry her accouterments from show to show to show.

As we drove back up the street, headed home, we passed a herd of motorcycles, about 20 in number.

Keep in mind we live in a small town on Hwy 50, and once a year we have hundreds of motorcyclists invade us en masse on their way to or from Sturgis.

Jo looked out the window and said, "Crickey! Is it motorcycle season already?"

I wonder where one would go to buy a license...

While I was out and about, I dropped off some tickets for Jo's next concert to my mom.

Mom was watching Elvis in Jailhouse Rock on her TV. I walked in on the part where he's performing the title song.  I was reminded that not long after he performed on The Ed Sullivan Show, Elvis wasn't allowed to be filmed from the waist down. The censors thought his hip gyrations were too risque...

I couldn't help but think of the decency standards just 50 years ago, juxtapose to today's...

Thanks, Destiny Hope. Before you, I had no idea 'twerking' even existed.
I don't think I'm any better off, now... I'd much rather watch Elvis' pelvis perform fully dressed. And, you have to admit, his sexy sneer was much more appealing than ... whatever that slimy thing is hanging out her mouth.

For some reason, I'm in a Barbra Streisand mood today - which doesn't happen very often. I was youtubing down the musical river, and listening to various songs, like Somewhere and Evergreen and The Way We Were.  I pulled up He Touched Me, a song from my youth, just as Jo walked through my office area. I got the drive-by-commentary, "Creepy. Is that a song about rape?"

... uh... yeah... Thanks for ruining the song for me, Jo.  But, apparently she's vindicated. Jack came by as the song was ending, and inserted a "Creepy" comment of her own.

I'm currently watching, The Mirror Has Two Faces - one of my go-to movies when I'm in this particular mood. It speaks to me.

I hope your Sunday lasts long enough for you to get ready for Monday.

In Joy & Enjoy

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