30 October 2013

Learning to Fly

Have you ever found yourself standing in a room full of passions you wanted to pursue and not knowing how to take that first step?

I've always wanted to learn to fly.

So, say you're standing in the middle of an Air/Space Museum, and you see that one sleek model...

Stay clear of this one, girls. It has some tricky maneuvers.

Tempting, yes, because it's beautiful.  But, it's not your style.  You don't even come close to its standards.  And you doubt if you'd be able to handle it for very long.

Then you spot this one...

It has more in common with your mom... just sayin'

It's raring to go, but you have your reservations.  It may get you up in the air, but it only has a couple flights left in it.  You'll be tinkering with its engine more than you'll be enjoying air time.  I know that's harsh, but...  It is what it is.

And, then, much like Goldilocks, you find the perfect model. The One.

...and this one was just right.

It's your style.  It's your speed.  There's a mutual attraction.  You could fly off into the sunset with this model.

Its engines are revved.  You're standing so close you can touch it; you want so much to reach out to it; to feel it.  Your heart is beating fast...too fast.  This could be it.  This could be the one to take you to new heights of passion. And, you've never wanted anything so much in your life.

Then you step back and look at all the other models in the room.  And you see they all have pilots, and you realize that even this one has a pilot.  Not only do you not know how to fly - it isn't even yours to pilot if you did.  Its pilot has lovingly cared and tended this plane for years, which, if you were to be honest with yourself, is probably one of the reasons it's so appealing to you.

And then you see yourself clearly.  You were never meant to fly, at least not a vessel as beautiful as this; you aren't even qualified to sit in its cockpit.  If you try to take this plane up in the air, you'll crash and burn - you don't know thing one about flying - ruining that fine craft in the process, destroying the dreams of its true pilot.  And, you realize the price of your fancy is too steep for everyone.

It's a beautiful and worthy machine, but you're not.

And, you walk away.

Because you need to learn to fly before you start looking at planes.

In Joy & Enjoy

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