02 February 2013

Put a fork in me...

Well, dear friends, I finally got the submission to Jack London's contest completed and sent to a friend for critique before I submit it.  I hope my efforts pass muster.  If not, I'll try and try again.

I feel as though I've stepped out of America and into 1984.

Our words are being monitored online, at work and in the grocery store. Not only are we required to be uber careful about what passes our lips these days, even innocent words, when "innocently overheard" ...

...bka eavesdropping
...in any conversation can be taken out of context.

That's life, right? Not much you can do about other people's bad upbringing and absence of couth. But, when those words are used as a tool for censure,

we all suffer; a little of ourselves (speaker and eavesdropper) and our first amendment whittle away - closer to becoming a shadow of what once was and what might have been.

We all lose.
From where I stand, this lose/lose situation is becoming the norm of "leadership" on all levels.

In Joy & Enjoy

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