17 April 2011

I'm having one of those months

where I have a thought I'd like to share, but by the time I have time to write it down, it's already dissipated in my brain, leaving not a trace behind.

I've been learning much about myself this past few weeks, through trials and tribulations. And, much about the people around me.  I've learned not many people have a healthy sense of humor, nor are they able to personally disengage from topics - even if the topics have nothing to do with them.

I don't want this blog to be all about me, but when I venture out in the world I get smacked down for "talking about others" - even though I'm writing about my experiences with said subject.  It always seems to come back around a person feels threatened by my words, (lions and tigers and bears, oh my!) or thinks I'm telling tales of their lives.

Rest assured, I speak only of my perceptions of my life. I don't gossip, nor do I prattle on about other's "should-have done-s" or "what I would do-s" or "what you need to do-s" in their lives. Who am I to tell someone else how to live, when I've yet to get a handle on it?

But this is all diatribe, and you're more than likely tired of listening.

I realized just the other day, some of you may have purchased The Elementary Adventures of Jones, JEEP, Buck & Blue from my previous publisher, for which I hang my head in shame. I probably gave away dozens of copies to family and friends before I actually cracked open the books and read between the covers.  MANY errors (grammatical and spelling and plain old content) found their way into the books even after my proofing it a gazillion times; some of which weren't in the original document - some of which were, but were found and requested changed.  One glaring error was when I had placed Buck in the pit with Jones and Blue - when it ought to have been Travis.  No one caught that one, except for my eldest when she read it in hard copy format.  My previous publisher, IMHO must not have even glanced at the text, much less read it.

Which is why I'm offering the following:
If you purchased or received a copy of TEA of JJBB from my previous publisher (not Lionheart Group Publishing) or me, please email me at sandra@sandstarbooks.com to request a new copy(ies) free of charge. To make it fun, if you put in the subject line - please to replace - I'll sign your new copy before dropping it in the mail.  Please include your mailing address in the body of the text, as well as (just so I know you indeed own a copy) the first three words on page 32 of Jones.  I'll replace the first fifty requests, as that's about as many as were sold by that publisher. So far, LGP informs me we've exceeded that number exponentially - which speaks for itself.

I'm hugely embarrassed by the quality of the first edition of The Elementary Adventures of Jones, JEEP, Buck & Blue series.  You'll see my new publisher is much more professional and honest... and you'll not find anyone horribly singing of a mustache on their website. Oh, and BONUS!! My new publisher actually pays the royalties due their authors.

In Joy & Enjoy

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zirelda said...

now that's a positive.

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