20 September 2010

Universally Speaking

The other day as I was driving to the store, I contemplated getting a dog for the girls.  "After all," I spoke to my head, "it'd teach them more responsibility.  It'd bark if we were in danger.  It'd be a comfort to me on long, lonely nights.  I could get exercise by walking it.  It would eat crumbs off the floor."

I thought about it all day.  I even considered stopping by the pound to see if they had any puppy dogs which called out to my heart.
I didn't.
Something stopped me.

It seems I didn't need to do anything; the Universe heard my thoughts and answered.

Be careful what you ask for, you just may get it.

I came home to this announcement:
"Look what followed us home from school.  Can we keep him?"

A min-pin mix looked up at me through sad, watery eyes.  Its worn collar stated his owner is a Harley Davidson fan.

After informing the girls we needed to find said owner, so don't get attached, the dog settled in to a daily routine of chewing up everything in the house; emptying the garbage can and chewing up its contents, scratching our legs and tearing our clothing by jumping up on us, and incessantly barking at the neighbors.
Anyone who knows me knows I like to walk barefoot around my property ~ in and outside.  I've stepped on one too many sharp bone fragments in my house these past couple of days.  I've yet to step in doggie doodoo outside, but I'm sure that's next.

The Universe heard me... and ...

Well, my sister said to me the other day, sometimes ...

Wait, I think I have to explain something first. My mother was somewhat of a free-spirited hippy when we were growing up.  She shoved nutritional pills down our throats and warshed (you're welcomed, mom) them down with ghastly-tasting protein drinks.  However, she did not shove organized religion down our throats, for which I thank her daily.

Instead, she told us every situation was a learning/teaching one and we bring people into our lives for a reason; a lesson needing to be learned.  She says we draw to us the experiences we have, and these people treat us the way we let them/subconsciously request of them.  She also says everything is an illusion, including me... ...but mom, that won't get anyone out of paying child support, or flushing the toilet.

So, my sister said to me the other day, "Sometimes the experience we have with other people aren't our lessons to learn. Sometimes we're there for them; to help them grow."  I believe she's right.

The Universe heard me.
I came home to a dog.  (We're still looking for his owner)
Do I garner from this experience the Universe gave me what I asked for?  Or, do I take this as a learning experience after shredding my feet on sharp bones and picking up tortured trash and ruined treasures and realize the Universe was telling me what "it" already knew - I really don't want a dog?
Or, is it really all just an illusion... and my stuff self-destructed?

I realize I don't want a dog. Not yet in my life, anyway.
It's still too hectic with kids.

In Joy & Enjoy


Anonymous said...

Your sister sounds like a genius!

Anonymous said...

I had a similar experience and the Universe granted me a dog. Came around just at the right time, served a purpose but then I realized we didn't have the time the poor dog needed. He was fed and watered and loved and given shelter everyday, but we were gone for long stretches. We also enjoyed the shredded everything as he would often drag items larger than himself into the yard from nearby acres and chew them to pieces. He often shredded our legs and arms and backsides in his exuberance. We travel a lot and didn't want him to be so alone for long periods of time. He was a regular Huck Finn of a dog, such a sweetie and one of the best dogs ever - very smart. We went back and forth on what to do, what to do. One day, I came home and the decision was already made for me. He was not there to greet me when I got out of my car. It's been several weeks and I still miss him but I think he's better off with the family of little boys that love him and take care of him now. Not exactly sure what to make of it but in the end, having a dog probably wasn't what we needed just then so the Universe let us keep him and love him until his real family came along.

Sandra Miller Linhart said...

ann # 1 - she is!! You hit the nail on the nose!

Sandra Miller Linhart said...

Ann #2 - I feel for you. The girls came home from school and someone had either let the dog out... or... I choose to believe his rightful owners found him and took him home.

Sandra Miller Linhart said...

Note to readers: This time Ann #1 IS my sister. Her secret is O-U-T.

Just nod and smile... and slowly back out of the room.

Love ya, Sis!

pass the popcorn, please!