21 July 2010

Odd thoughts, and things that smell better than my feet.

So many times I'm struck by a thought (ouch!) ~ a muse about something of which I want to write. But, unfortunately life blocks my path - I'm hard at work or not near anything scribble-able. These past three days... maybe even weeks, have been like that. I awoke from a dream just this morning with a blog bubbling up to the surface, but by the time I'd stepped out of the shower and dried off, the idea had seeped away with the droplets of water which coated my skin; vague memories soaked up by my damp towel. *sigh*

I decided on this, my past birthday ~ which was 2 July, I'd start telling people I'm way older than I am ~ maybe 68. That way they'll look at me and say, "Why, you don't look a day over 50."
It gets you in the end.

So, I'm 48. I feel half that. Pretty soon my older dotters and I will act the same age. ::shiver::

They say I look like my dotter... what do you think? Twins?
I had a neat birthday present, thank you for asking. My book, Daddy's Boots was deemed Book of the Month by the Military Writers' Society of America for July 2010 ~ I was notified on my birthday.  Awesome! That's cause for a toast... with jelly even... red... my favorite color...
...my birthday balloon? Red. My favorite color...
Then, just recently I was told both Daddy's Boots and Momma's Boots are in competition with each other in the "Children Under 12" category for an award from same organization. I'll let you know how that turns out. I can't win for losin'... or lose for winnin'... or something like that. Actually, I have some pretty tough competition. I could lose on all accounts. It's an honor (seriously) to have been chosen, so this author is jazzed.

Tangent ~ As you know, I've been a single unit for over a year now.
we go out the same way we come in

Someone - who shall remain nameless - approached me today with a proposition for a blind date.


She informed me he's 62 (a tad too old for me), more into 20-30 year old females, but for me he'd sign a waiver... (double, pineapple sucking hamburger, parts-is-parts bleh) and he's good-enough looking... even better looking when he's wearing his dentures. heh. Yummy!
Those are her jokes ~ credit where credit is due. Too flippin' funny.
Then, she tried to take my picture so he could approve of me...

I'm glad she caught me on a good day

I just had to pass on that offer, stellar as it is. I'm told he's rich, so I'd be able to get a nice dinner - maybe two - out of the bargain. If nothing else, she said, I would have more fodder for my blog.

Hey! I don't HO! HO! HO! myself for no one, not even for my blog... much.

Erm... although I did tell her I'd date him for a paid-vaca-time-off week-long trip to Belize, where I could snorkel and scuba and enjoy the turquoise blue water paradise.  Hell, I'd even date my own cousin for that carrot on a stick.. if my cousin were Steve Zahn, that is.

oh, yeah... I'd snorkel with him.

... I had wanted to say much more in this entry. I'm left with a vague memory that at one time I had one ~ a memory, that is.

Odd thing ~ I came home tonight to a surprise waiting for me; a dozen, long-stemmed red roses on my door step. There was no note attached; no reason for such a wonderful gesture. I've questioned all my friends as to who would send such a beautiful arrangement, but no one 'fesses up to sending it. It derailed my train of thought.

Ok... what'd you do now?
What a wonderful, albeit somewhat disturbing event. Who would have sent me flowers? And why? None of my past companions ~ married, or living ~ ever saw fit to do such a thing for me.  Maybe the flowers were meant for my next door, tree-maiming neighbor? A belated birthday present perhaps?  A secret admirer, or unrequited love? An apology of sorts?  A random act? No matter. Their beautiful aroma fills my home with wonder... and they're mine now!

Just like sores on our covered parts, we must accept gifts of life when they come ~ no matter how curious they are or how many questions they raise.

Enjoy & In Joy


zirelda said...

You are truly a funny woman. Able to turn events that would turn my head like... (oh damn, what was that movie?) into something light.

Very good.

He had to approve of you? Honestly. Decline decline decline. Except once, I had a really fun blind date. Or was that a dream?

Anonymous said...

How nice! You deserve it tho. I'm glad you're writing your blog again. I enjoy your stories - your sense of humor is great! I don't feel so alone in the world when I visit yours. Thanks!

pass the popcorn, please!