04 April 2010

a cavemom can do it

I look around my house and see piles of crap doing what they're wont to do ~ pile up. Have you noticed, nothing ever piles down? ...erm... except for maybe stalactites. I stand corrected.

Anyway, I asked the girls the other day... for the umpteenth time to PLEASE pick up after themselves.

I swear! These Neanderthals I call my children have their father's disease. I'll give it a name... wait for it... hrm...
Let's call it the "goo-D-nuf disease" (I may come up with a better word before I'm done here).

The goo-D-nuf disease... you know ~ they put the dirty dishes next to the dishwasher, or next to the sink... never in either one... if they bother bringing their dirty dishes back to the kitchen at all, that is.

They put their dirty clothes (if they take them from the middle of their bedroom floor) next to the closed laundry room door.  When they put their clean, folded clothes away, they only make as far as next to their closet or their dresser.

They put their trash next to the trash can ~ either on the floor or on the neighboring counter... if they bother to bring it in from the surfaces throughout the house which surround our lives...

...and all this they declare is goo-D-nuf!

Seriously?!?  You already brought it most of the way. Finish the job, for goodness sake!  How hard is it to actually put something where it belongs?

The other day I told Jo and Jack I wished they'd let me know who and where the maid is, because I needed to fire her ~ she's not doing her job... in fact...  I pondered aloud to them... I doubt she even exists as I don't remember hiring her... and I've never seen her...

Twixt Jo said, "That's because you never look in the mirror... I know this because your hair needs combed... badly!"

Oh, yeah? Well, sweetheart (and I use the term lightly), if I didn't have to keep picking up after Neanderthals with goo-D-nuf disease, I might have more time to work on my hair. bleh!
(...and my hair already is combed badly, thank you very much!)

How hard can it be?  It's so easy...

Enjoy & In Joy.

(Looks like I failed at a better name. You got a better one? LMK.)

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