21 March 2010

Time to Soak It All In

In Greek mythology ~ and other spiritual memes ~ water is the element of emotion.  Maybe that's why after a hard, exceptionally emotional day I find myself longing for the comfort of a soak in my uncomfortable bathtub.

Seriously? Why do they make small bathtubs, anyway? It seems a waste of time and materials to me. I'd imagine even little people like to immerse themselves in hot, soothing water 'way past their ears. I know I do... or would like to, anyway.

So, picture this... well, all but the me naked part, please:

I draw a bath (no, not with a pencil... keep up), grab a glass of whine... I mean, wine, and a good book (currently that book is "For Shrieking Out Loud!" by Joyce Faulkner) and start to slip into the warm blanket of tangible emotion... until the slipping comes to a screeching halt as my feet hit the opposite side of the tub and my arse barely makes the cut. And I'm short... so... I'm just saying... small.... really small...

I turn off the water, because it's already filled the two-bucket tub to the brim, and soak my noassatall, legs and feet.

A sip of wine, a crack-open of the book later I find myself shivering, as my metal, too-small tub has effectively shortened the lifespan of the hot factor of the bath water in record time.

You know, at this point I'm sure tree huggers hate my stress-reducing ritual.

I drain the tub a bit, and then add more water - straight hot this time, until it starts to turn tepid from the spout (I have water heater issues, too). I put down my book and wine glass, and sticking my feet in the air, I soak my top half - head and all. As the warm, fuzzy water enters my ear canals and reverberates the creaks, bangs and other sounds of (apparently) my home's digestive system, I relax and ponder the events of the day. My mind wanders... and I wonder...

I wonder if Ted Bundy knew Ann Rule, his co-worker, had a penchant for writing, and his life would soon be on display in a loverly little book of hers, The Stranger Beside Me. I wonder if he would've treated her any differently having had known that.

I wonder why some of the people I've met recently look and act a lot like Andrea Yates.
...I wonder if it's something in the water in this little town which makes almost every woman I've met (who's lived here all her life) want to not cut her hair...ever... or desperately attempt to keep the spiral perm of the 80s perpetually "in style" by donning it for decades... and it makes me wonder why most of these women seem to be so... obtuse.
I know they watch TV... well, at least the important shows like "Dancing With The Next American Idol", and "The Last Surviving Bachelor"... they ought be somewhat fashion-savvy.
And, I wonder if there's a book in there for me to write.

With little exception ~ unless I'm alone in my home ~ I am reminded to wonder why me sitting in a tepid tub, soaking away the effects of the day is call for little ones to barge in to ask such inane questions as, "what are ya doin?" or say grating things like, "She won't let me watch what I want to watch..."

And, I wonder why, when they are soaking, they inevitably scream from what should be the calm interior of the bathroom, "MAWM!!!" (and upon entering the bathroom, I most often hear phrases like, "Can you hand me the soap?' or "Please turn off the water.") Why is that, I wonder?

I wonder if bubbles really are tiny universes full of little worlds and other lives which exist for their own definition of eternity while the fragile emotional orb remains intact ~ a belief I've held tightly in my mind's grasp since I first discovered the concept at the age of... three?

With that thought in mind, I wonder if creating the bubbles, then popping them makes me a God or a Demon...

I sit up; drain the tub; refill it ~ using the aforementioned steps for which ecologists despise people like me. Lather, Rinse, Repeat...

And then I wonder what it's all about, Alfie. I wonder why people treat people the way they do... Why men cheat; why women bitch; why kids are abused and neglected...

And then I think, "You know, if I had a hot tub my kids would be hot tub orphans."

Heck, even if I had a just a little larger tub they'd be pseudo-neglected...

Maybe that's why they make too-small tubs.
For mother's like me.

I wonder...

In Joy & Enjoy



just goes to show ya-- the mind of a genius can not be turned off-- even for a soak in a too small tub..... only you could find the silver lining- in anything!

Sandra Miller Linhart said...

What I find very amusing (and sorta sad) about your comment is lately I've been getting reviews about how mean-spirited, negative and down-right caustic my words are... and therefore I am.

It just goes to show you - people see what they want to see.

Thank you for choosing to see the "good" in me.

Anonymous said...

I think you are hilarious, but then, people seldom get my sense of humor...

Sandra Miller Linhart said...

I'm happy you get mine. :o)

pass the popcorn, please!