05 November 2009

I love my dotters' senses of humor

I gotta tell you - they can be hell-arious at times.

Case and point: This morning, as I was nose-deep in correspondence and writing - as I am wont to be (you're welcome Danna & Peanut - they cringe when I use the word "wont") - Jo walked up to my vacant, breathing, typing corpse. She was already late in leaving, so, as the good mother I am, I had already dismissed her presence in my working mind. (Jo out the door - check! Jack getting up and dressed - check!)

Let me be as clear as our President - I had already fed, watered and dressed her (not literally 'me' as she is almost 12, but oversaw the project like any good supervisor), ensured her backpack was tidy and packed her a healthy, peanut butter-laden lunch... and was merely anticipating the screen door hitting her arse on her way out.

Being fully engrossed in my works, I barely noticed she was talking until I heard her voice over the "crowd noise" of my life - and much like a hiker emerging from the mist, my mind broke through the haze of thought (although it took a moment to register she was speaking... and another moment to register she was speaking to me... and yet another moment to register what words she was speaking):

"So, what'dya think?"
"Good idea?"
...pause, then mumble...
"All righty, then... Glad we had this talk."

Cracked me up.
So, of course I immediately made a note to blog about it today.  She rolled her eyes (with a huge smile - or was that a smirk? - on her face) as she opened the door, leading Devil Spawn (our neighbor - keep up, people) out, chuckled and said:
"Oh, great! Now she's gonna blog about THIS!"


Love my kids. All of them. You have NO idea. (...and I just realized I have no idea what she was trying to tell me. I wonder if it was important. hrm...)

In Joy & Enjoy

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