13 April 2009



Anonymous said...

The Pirate Crisis

Aurgh! We be afightin’ Pirates now matey.

That will be another 1.5 Trillion dollars.

It is my opinion that the worlds Navy’s should fire on and destroy all Pirate Vessels at sea (read that as International Waters) and leaving the Sovereignty of countries untouched.

“Ooh! I’m scared; they promised that they would avenge the deaths of their mates because they were killed; I remind you they were killed in the commission of multiple crimes.

It is like:

In response to the comments from Rep. Nita Lowey (D-NY) about the need to change the laws concerning Gun Control in the United Sates in an attempt to support the efforts of the Country of Mexico. I hope that someone here in this country has reminded the Honorable Lowery that if we secured our borders the way they should be secured and if we treated ILLEGAL aliens like the Criminals they are and not Poor Unfortunate Souls, that rate higher consideration in the eyes of this Government than law abiding Citizens and Immigrants and are coddled by the passive gloves that fail to recognize the need for this Country and Government to come to the realization these people are CRIMINALS, they are BREAKING law, and they break the law wontedly, and in the defiance of this county’s authority. PUNISH THEM.

I understand that there is a huge amount Good Intentions behind this movement, and it is this attempted effort of “Good Intentions” which is the damnation that is sending this country into what appears an uncontrolled spiral downward, like circling the drain before going down the toilet.

We have to STOP the double standards. What they are doing being done is illegally; they are breaking the law, deal with them; the criminals and not by punishing the Citizens of this country.

What happened to the War on Drugs, the War on Terror, has all this been set aside to wage war on the law abiding Citizens? Unarmed law abiding Citizens are easier to subdue.

Laws only affect Law Abiding Citizens; Criminals are not affected by the LAWS because they don’t follow them. And tougher LAWS are just as easy for them to ignore then the ones we currently aren’t enforcing.

Sandra Miller Linhart said...

Wow! It's almost as if I had a ghost guest writer while I was away from my computer.

Well written.

Pelobama's all out war against law-abiding American citizens... how true, how true.

pass the popcorn, please!