28 February 2009

Caterpillar or Butterfly?

(Sandstardate 10912.01)

Jo's at that age where she's two different people; one on the inside, the other on the out.

If you're a mother of a daughter, or even a woman without, you know of what I speak.

I see the little girl in her ~ I notice the woman trying to emerge.  It's both heartbreaking and amazing at the same time.

The other day she was taking a bath and she yelled at me to "Mawwwm, come here." So, I did. She was sitting in a tub full of bubbles to her eyebrows and looked very much like a young woman. She handed me some tin cooking toys her dad had given them a bit ago. (Cooking toys = pots, pans, utensils, etc., all made out of flimsy tin... from China, no doubt.) The girls had been playing with the toys in the bath and they (the toys, not the girls) had rusted in the cupboard since.

"Take these away and toss them, please," she said.  "They're gross. And there's more in here (indicated cupboard), but one has a spider web on it and I don't want to touch it."

I picked up the rusted toys and took them to the kitchen to dispose of.  I came back for more. As I was gathering up the plastic coffee maker with carafe, she reached out her had and softly (and a tad embarrassed)  said, "No, not that one. I'm playing with that."

My little girl who still plays with children's toys in the bath may look like she's ready for womanhood, but every real mother knows ~ no matter how many clueless guys say she's hawt or that they'd like to teach her a thing or two about being a "real woman" ~ she's still just a caterpillar trying to emerge from her chrysalis into the butterfly she will someday become.

But not too soon.

Because, as you know, if that butterfly is forced or helped she'll never truly learn to fly.

Life isn't about sex. Nor is it about hawtness.
I can't wait for the day we evolve (if we ever do evolve) into thinking, caring, loving beings who have more on our minds than sex with underage or hawt young girls. *sigh

I see a young child trying to mature. Men see something in which to stick their body part to "help" her mature, forgetting all creatures have sex and choices set us apart from the other animals.

I wonder... do men ever mature? I hear all the time (mostly from men) about how it's nature's way for men to seek out the best uterus for their seed ~ the youngest, most desirable virgin they can find.
I have news for you ~ it's also nature's way to poop when you gotta ~ but some mommas successfully taught their big boys to not poop their pants. Maybe these same big boys who've stopped messing themselves can learn to keep their tongues in their mouths, hands to their sides, penises in their pants... and their Neanderthal thoughts to themselves long enough to evolve... or at least long enough to see that child they're drooling over is still just a child, and not a prime vessel for their seed... and she still plays innocently with children's toys in the bathtub.

In Joy & Enjoy

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