14 October 2008

My Mom by Jack

Jack just got home from school and as I rummaged through the various papers requiring my signature and graded homework, I found this little tidbit which made me giggle:
My Mom
Do you like your mom? Well, I do! One thing is that she's nice. She's kind to others. She says hi when people pass her by on their bikes and waves. Another thing is that she loves me. She gives me strong hugs before I leave for school. Also I feel a tap of a kiss on my head. My favorite part is her smiles. When she smiles she tells me she loves me, and when she smiles it makes her cheeks go up and it takes up a lot of her face and her eyes squint. She's the best mom ever! I love my mom very much.
Thank you, Sophe. I love you, too. Can't you see my eyes squinting?

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