21 September 2008

My Bucket List

Things I had always wanted to do before I die (all without a tour group)...
Visit Alcatraz
Visit Ellis Island and look up my great-grandparents' names
Climb Lady Liberty - all the way to the torch
Take the American Orient Express (I've never been on a train)
Fly first class to Europe (I've never flown first class anywhere)
Visit England, Ireland, Scotland, Italy, etc...
Sail on the 35 day cruise ship to Easter Island and other destinations
See Victoria Falls first-hand
Visit Prince Edward Island - home of Anne of Green Gables
Videotape a UFO for my mom's play-zure :o)
Learn to fly
Learn at least three other languages
Sail around the continent in a yacht
Swim among wild dolphins
Snorkel and scuba much, much more
...and more, but that's a starter
In Joy & Enjoy


cell92 said...

We all need goals, and then we need to sincerely pursue them.

It’s a cliché but life is short.

My father always used to say - We can’t go backwards in time. - Make it happen!

Anonymous said...

Haven't you already bumped into Meg Ryan? In Alaska? More than once? Wasn't she little like you? Well, scratch that!

I like your bucket list - it's alot like mine! Oddly, nowhere on my list do I describe dragging my tired ass out of bed and driving to my fool-time job to spend more hours with people I'd just as soon drive over than talk to...

Just to slow down and enjoy coffee on the porch with my favorite people on a beautiful spring day - that's on the top of my list! Maybe laughing over a board game or going on a picnic in the mountains. Even tho I have done many of these things more than once, I don't have the opportunity much anymore, and I really miss them! It seems the only memories I make these days are "the moments that make up a dull day" (Pink Floyd). Gone are the days, I guess...Liv Miata DeLoop

Sandra Miller Linhart said...

Yes, I bumped (literally) into Meg Ryan in Alaska(and so did you, Liv), but we didn't have the chance to chat... 'cept to say, "oh, excuse me..."
(And, yes, she is 'little like me' - in the 'like life' sense - short. But I have at least 75 pounds on her).

I plan to do all on my list - 'cept kiss Chris Wenberg - I think his wife would be a little more than ticked off about that! :o) So, if you know Meg, Tom, Gary or Jason - just let them know I'd like a word or two with them. Everything else I hope to accomplish on my own - 'cept that whole UFO thing - I may never get to do that one.

I, too, like sitting on my porch (and staring down the No-you-Ain'ts) but I wish you'd come have a cuppa with me - any one of you ('cept that one poor excuse for a soul who keeps saying nasty lies and writing threats to me). My porch is always welcoming and warm. Come over to my house - come over to play - come over to my house and stay all day (Dr. Suess children's book - Come Over To My House - I think he wrote it under Theo LeSieg - one of my bro's fav books as I child)

...cheating at Scrabble on a cruise ship to Alaska
...laughing with my siblings until pop shoots out my nose
...singing badly at the top of my lungs while on a road trip to nowhere
...seeing the beauty of a sunset on the beach, ocean ripples broken only by the nose of a dolphin or the spout of a whale, a full moon over a mountain peak, the moonlight shimmering over a crystal-clear mountain lake, the beautifully haunting sounds of a howling coyote, the smell of a campfire, the feeling of a strong horse under my saddle, the ache in my shins as I climb a mountain, the chill in my nose while standing in the falling snow, the smell of rain; cut grass; a field of flowers; pine sap; the sounds of the night, the call of the birds in the early morning hours
...watching as a project comes to fruition, knowing I did it - and being happy with the results
...holding my daughters through their tears, laughing with them, dreaming with them and loving them completely

These are a few of my favorite things. I will never get over the magic of their gifts in my life.

James A. Bowders said...

Many years ago I promissed to not make lists, I just do the things I want to do.

As to the wonders of life, there is nothing to compair to loving unconditionally.

But what do I know?

pass the popcorn, please!