01 August 2008

Let's go swimming...

...on Mars. You bring your suit, I'll follow Doug's advice and bring the towels (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy).

So, they found water on Mars. Cool! Actually - too cool. They had to heat the soil sample to above 32 degrees F, then the water melted and separated from the soil. Again, I say: Too cool.

Wouldn't it be really neat if aliens are just our ancestors who left Mars for planets unknown? Some landed on Earth, which was just becoming habitable, while others went elsewhere and are now returning.

Or, maybe we used to live on Venus, then it became polluted and ruined - so we loaded onto a space craft and crash landed on Earth, only to have our technology demolished and having to start from scratch... whereas the others who went elsewhere continued on with their technology and have since returned. Look, up in the sky...

Now that the Earth is doomed by us, maybe we'll travel through space and make a home on Mars... once we figure out how to make the planet sustain our lives.

The possibilities are endless, aren't they?
Food for thought!
Enjoy & In Joy

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