16 July 2008

What's this button for?

My sister asked me an 'ethical' question this morning... yeah, it cracked me up, too. Me? Ethical? Thank you so very much, sis. :o) That's the nicest thing...

I watched "Secret Lives of Women" last night - the polygamous sects. Pretty interesting stuff. There's no way on God's green earth I could participate in something like that. I'm too much the jealous type. Can you imagine openly sharing your life... your love... with 2 - 40 other women? (I know many of us do it without knowing about it because our husbands are weasels who cheat, but that's different.) Can you imagine making that 'decision' when you're barely a teenager? Every man probably thinks it's a great idea - having the incomes of two or more women... diversify your bed mate every night, with any whim. Legalized pedophilia - some of these girls get married off by their fathers at the age of 12... to men old enough to be their grandfathers. One guy married his step-daughter. He said he was the only one strong enough in the faith to remove the devil's grip on her - because she wasn't happy about the situation - or something like that. I don't mean to judge. To each his/her own, but I know I couldn't last long in that society. That's just ooogie in my book.

Why don't you ever hear of a matriarchal society of polygamy - women with two or more husbands? Now that makes sense! No overpopulation, as a woman can only have one child every year (unless it's a multiple birth) and you'd have a man for every job. One to do mechanics: one to do the maintenance on the house: one to do the yard work: one to do the finances: one to do the odd-jobs... and one who's really good at doing... you... know what I mean.

Enjoy & In Joy


James A. Bowders said...

It is only fair that you mention the womenopausal men, those of us that are going through our change in life, mood swings, and all…

As to the subject at hand the polygamous sects, the true test is do they educate and expose the young wives to be to other various life styles before they wed off their children to each other? It is a case where a group has with drawn into a little world of their own and withdrew from mainstream society to create this magical world of Og. Oh, I am not being judgmental in this, if you want to run off and create your own little piece of heaven here on earth all the more power of you but I have to fall back on my rules of life, the First and foremost is: You have the right to do anything you want to do as long as it does not interfere with the rights of another. And this polygamous idea state of Og stand in major violation of that rule. Of course it is all veiled by the mumblings of some connection to religion (in my personal opinion humankind’s most dangerous foundation to build on).

Hold on the rant is about to start…I was flipping through the channels on the mind numbing machine (I generally don’t watch much TV because of two main reasons, first I dislike very strongly having to watch commercials, sales pitches on how this miracle product, drug, car, truck, cleaner, well you get the idea is going to make me and my life so much better. Secondly the bulk of the programming is for the most part…asinine, unworthy of my time and attention) so because I am on the road with work, I am relegated to the entertainment of the local, and in this local the entertainment is…Low-Cal. Well I did see Boston in concert on July fourth. So as I was flipping through the channels of infomercials and soft porn and the repetitive movie channels, I noticed that the majority of programming was about how the bad guys where using unrestrained force to project their will on the population and to battle them, the good guys were using equally exceeding unrestrained force and collateral damage to prevent the bad guys from doing what ever it was they were doing…or maybe it was the political debate, regardless I had to stop and think, is this really how America sees itself? Is this how the world sees America? I saw a snippet of the news were a convicted murder had escaped from prison, and during his arraignment for that offense (the most he would get is an addition forty years to his like sentence) when his Lawyer submitted his plea he jumped to his feet and attracted him. Now, here is a guy that has already been convicted of one murder, most likely responsible for several others, brutally attacking his Lawyer in court. And has not yet been identified as a lost cause in his society and they will incarcerate him and care for him as if he is a contributing member of the community.

But what do I know?

Sandra Miller Linhart said...

I've always thought men have their own 'time of the month' in that they are moody and intolerable at times. If you were to chart it on a calendar, you'd find a pattern, I suppose. I've never been focused (read bored) enough long enough to test my theory.

Yeah, I don't get it, either. On L&O (repeat) yesterday - I leave it on for crowd-noise sometimes - what's-his-name, the Senator/actor who ran for president... my mind is drawing a blank - Thomas? Thompson? Anyway, he (as the DA) said something like: "It'll be nice when we stop using the Constitution as a shield for the bad guys, and start using it as a sword for their victims."

Ah, but then we all woke up.
My friend says the communist are coming back to this country as Democrats (secular progressives) and are usurping our economy - in essence crippling it by the laws they pass in Congress - and sooner than you think, this great country of ours will indeed be the United Socialistic States of America.

Don't blame the guy who pulled the trigger - he has no culpability - blame the person he shot for looking 'shootable' and/or not ducking fast enough... or blame the shooter's family, or friends, or education, or lack thereof, or the fact his nanny didn't change his diaper on time, or the fact his parents couldn't afford a nanny, or whatever... but in God's good name - DO NOT blame the offender. That's just unconstitutionally insane.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the hell! To be too much dick for just one chick! Must really sick! Well, odds are at least one of them will. My guess is they aren't real women - a real woman wouldn't put up with that 5|-|!+!!! SPREAD YOUR LOVE, BABY, OR AT LEAST YOUR CHEEKS

Anonymous said...

Suck, it should have read suck. All of them are sick, but odds are at least one of them sucks. Oh, well, doesn't work now!

Sandra Miller Linhart said...

Oh, I don't know. 'Sick' works for me.

pass the popcorn, please!