26 July 2008

What's so funny about that?


Anyway. I'm sitting here not knowing what to do with myself because Jack isn't reading over my shoulder and interjecting with her usual, "Momma, I'm hungry." Or, "Momma, when's lunch?"

My eldest is pregnant with my second grandson. I think I already mentioned that. She told me they've (tentatively) decided to name the baby Noah.

"Great," I said. "Now I'll have to buy him two of everything."

My mom has a friend, Lorena, who is in her late 80s. Lorena's not doing too well. Just the other day Mom told me Lorena is now on oxygen. Twixt I replied:

"Aren't we all?"

I went to the local Office Depot to replace my Vonage adapter the other day. I asked the salesmanpersonthingy if they had any USB cable. He said, "Sure do. How long do you need it?" And, swear to God, I said, "Oh, about four years ought to do it." He shook his head and said, "You're killing me, here." I know - it's an old joke, but it had to be said. And he just handed it to me - without a care in the world as to how I'd use it. The groan belongs to him.

But one of the biggest jokes of all continues to be the pharmaceutical companies who place ads for their snake oils on the telly and in our mags, knowing full well we cannot buy said poisons without a note from our doctor... I guess the joke is on us, really, because we lemmings see/hear the ads, ignoring the death-wishes attached to the pills disguised as 'side-effect may include' and we arrive at our doctor's offices armed with false expectations of a drug our bodies have no use for and doc doesn't really give a $hit about us or our health. Just the health of our bank accounts.... Next!

Enjoy & In Joy


Anonymous said...

Good News! Researchers have now concluded that Viagra also works from women suffering from sexual dysfunction brought on by antidepressants! Their plan to get every single American on at least three Rx's seems to be working! I must be the only person who cannot understand how huge quantities of synthetic drugs can cure even the simplest of organic maladies. Don't even get me started on autism, ADD and ADHD! I'd better stop thinking about it before I get sick...a problem for which there is no cure!

Sandra Miller Linhart said...

You... and me, both.

James A. Bowders said...

But I think there is a pill for that....

But what do I know?

Sandra Miller Linhart said...


pass the popcorn, please!