28 July 2008

Wanna play?

My sister was telling me: The other day my nephew - her son - got freaked out when he went to check on her home while she and her husband were, well, here in Colorado with me. My nephew is 21, tall and handsome, and not easily frightened. (He was to stay there on the weekend, leaving his older brother to check on the place/dogs during the weekdays.)

He said while watching TV one night it shut off, and he could see a reflection of a little girl with an evil smile on the tv screen. He said it seemed as though she was gesturing him to play with her. The room was cold, and all he could think about was "Sixth Sense" and it sent spooky shivers down his spine.

Convincing himself it was only his overactive imagination playing tricks on him (but all done playing) he decided to forget about spending the night there. He checked on the dogs and shut down the house, locked the door and took off for his own place.

As he was driving down the long road out of my sister's place, he looked in the rear view mirror and noticed the living room light was on. He was sure he'd turned it off. He pulled over to look closer - to make sure it wasn't just a reflection of headlights from oncoming car, or something.

At the window stood the little girl with an evil smile, slowly waving good-bye to him.

He didn't go back until my sister got home from vacation.

I asked her what she thought it may have been. She said she had no idea, but the house sometimes gives her the heebie jeebies, too... and often appliances turn on or off by themselves.

I then asked her if she ever saw dead people.

She said, "Only when I'm at work."

Enjoy & In Joy

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