03 July 2008

Now that was close!

Did I ever tell you how glad I am you take the time to read my thoughts? Well, I am. Thank you.

Did I ever tell you of the time I saw a UFO? It was back in the summer of '72 (stop with the math) and I was sleeping outside under the stars in a sleeping bag with my brother... Let me be clear - he had his own sleeping bag. We grew up in Wyoming, not Alabama! Anyhoo, I awoke before dawn, but the light of the sun illuminated the morning sky, giving off the eerie, not-quite-there feeling. Directly above us was an object which filled the pre-dawn sky. It completely filled the sky but at an arm's length, I probably could have grabbed it with my arms stretched wide... ('I'm pinching your head' type action - think Kids in the Hall). It hovered above us at quite a distance away. It was deafeningly quiet and felt as if it were vibrating within ...hard to explain. It shone in a grey-silver metallic. It was multi-dimensional, in that it was like the underside of an engine block. Not circular by any means, it was more of a rectangular crystal in metal, multi-surfaced and no rhyme or reason to the pattern. No marks, no writing, no lettering of any kind, it hovered until the sun peaked over the horizon, then blipped away so fast you would've thought it disappeared, but I watched it go.

I was frozen in surreality more than fear, and turned to my brother and asked, "What was that?"

His face told me what I my face was probably saying to him. If we were any older, we might have said WTF... but we didn't use the 'F' word - or initial -  back then. I don't know if it was invented yet... I wonder if whoever invented it gets a royalty every time someone uses it. S/he'd be a gazillionaire thanks to the 'entertainment' industry... but I'm tangent-ing.

I don't know what it was. I've never seen anything like it before or since, even in drawn depictions of others' viewings. I just know it wasn't my imagination. It wasn't a dream and I have no idea what it was, I just know it was.

I told you that to tell you this:

I was recently abducted by aliens.

I have a hard time telling you this. You'll think I'm crazy; a whack-job even. But, seriously, I was scared.

I had no way of getting away.
I didn't know where they had taken me...

...and, I can't speak Spanish.

Enjoy your day.


Sandra Miller Linhart said...

Okay - maybe I stole that last part from marci's friend who heard it on t.v. and told me - but I couldn't resist retellig it here.
I did see the UFO, though. That part is as true as I remember it.

Yer Bridder said...

I remember that, too! I seem to remember that it was at night, just after we had got settled, but it may have been in the morning, as you recall. As I recall, we were so spooked that we got up and went into the house after that. I tried to tell myself for years afterwards that it was a helicopter with a spotlight, except that it was totally silent. It hovered or moved so slowly that it could not have been a plane or a glider, and it wasn't so high up that we wouldn't have heard the engine of a 'copter. I mean, if it were so high up that we couldn't hear its engine, the spotlight would have looked like a small flashlight. This thing lit up the entire back yard. Who knows? I haven't thought about that in years. Thanks for reawakening the trauma! I won't sleep for a week now. Jeeze!

Sandra Miller Linhart said...

maybe you're right, brother... maybe we should keep that experience to ourselves and not tell anyone.


and sorry about the sleepless nights. I'll tell the story of the time we saw all those kid ghosts (echoes) in our bedroom when we were 5 or 6, okay? Maybe that will get your mind off the UFO. Will that help?

James A. Bowders said...


Unidentified Flying Object

I know that many of the objects I have seen and could not identify fall into this category, the larger question is; are these UFOs of an extra terrestrial origin?

I do not pay homage to those who scoff at the possibility, nor do I pay head to the naysayer and doubting Thomas’s it is in the very definition of the title, it is simply “Unidentified”.

In the words of the great detective Mister Sherlock Holmes, “Eliminate all other factors, and the one which remains must be the truth.” And “It is a capital mistake to theorize before you have all the evidence, ... It biases the judgment.”

But what do I know?

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure I warned you both about the dangers of magic shrooms, but you didn't listen to me! Any flashbacks????

Sandra Miller Linhart said...

You'd have to ask my mother about that... I've never done drugs

pass the popcorn, please!