18 July 2008


My sis and I had a good laugh this morning. I read in the Gazette 'they' now think a low-carb diet is better than a low-fat one.


 What we laughed about, however, is the idea if you eat low-fat or no fat, you'll not add fat to your body... so... what they want us to believe is fat converts to fat in your body? Using that concept, can we also say if you drink blood, your veins will probably pop as the blood goes directly into the blood stream... and if you eat meat, you'll bulk up your muscles... and if you eat liver, it'll go to your liver... and a healthy helping of brain matter will increase your brain size... and if you eat tongue, you'll be the most popular girl in school? Hmmm... makes you wonder what the main ingredient in a male-enhancement product is.

I may have gone too far, but hopefully you get my point.

We're forgetting all about our stomachs, and our fantastic digestive systems. If we can eat the crap we eat and drink the crap we drink, and our wonderful, magical bodies break it all down into something we can use and disposes of the other stuff efficiently, why do you want me to believe it won't work the same on fat or fatty substances? We human be-ings fall for everything them 'in the know' tell us, even though they flip-flop every 10-20 years or so.

Like my sis said, wasn't it just yesterday 'they' were warning us about the coming ice age? And now it's global warming, and flooding? Tomorrow it'll be the reoccurring threat of the earth's water evaporating, causing huge deserts all over our country... or a meteor plummeting to earth, knocking earth off its axis (whatever happened to that fear, anyway? That one was big in the early 80s.)... or, whatever.

So, go ahead and eat your fat, and let Jack eat your lean... and you'll see there's no difference. You aren't really what you eat, you know, or I would suggest our congress members have been eating a lot of horses' arses for the way they've been acting.
Enjoy & In Joy


James A. Bowders said...

Oh, yes the dreaded EXPERTS and their most expert opinions have cost this country and the world for all that it matters a lot, and yet the Lemmings still turn to them for their most expert opinion like the thoughtless turning to Miss Cleo for “dat most wonderful re-din’ man … ”

Don’t think so? Ask the Corps of Engineers about their expert onion about straighten out the Kissimmee River, as the Farm Bureau about abandoning the Midwest because nothing will ever grow there, ask the scientific society about the development of technologies like computers and they will tell you that they will never be able to get them built to fit on … say a desktop much less a laptop.

I guess there is always going to be a group of Experts telling us what they want us to believe because they are of the ilk that we can not think for ourselves, (see Politician, and reference Congress).

But what do I know?

Anonymous said...

Umm, I think it donkey dick - slimy green donkey dick, if I remember correctly. Well, I don't know for sure that Congress is actually eating it, but...it's definitely a case of "68 and I'll owe you one" to the American taxpayer. They certainly don't give as good as they get and they aren't suffering from getting as good as they give. I do believe there will be a special place in Hell for each and every one of those "trusted elected public officials" - we can only HOPE!

Sandra Miller Linhart said...

Aren't you ever so glad we have 'experts' to expert their opinions on us little, moronic lemmings?

Where would the world be without someone telling us what is in and what is out and what is over and when shall what's not over be over????

It'll never work.
It'll never fly.
It's not aerodynamically sound...
But yet, the bumblebee, she still flies!

pass the popcorn, please!