14 July 2008

Don't fish naked

Jack, the bean-stalk, has been growing so much lately. Pants which used to be too big and long on her just a few weeks ago now fit her like tight capris. Good thing tight capris are acceptable wear, or she'd be naked. I usually buy their school clothes a week before school starts as that's when all the sales are happening, and then they don't bug me for months on end to let them wear their new clothes over to their friend's house "just once. I won't get it dirty, I promise..."  
They've grown so fast and so much, they have to be there when I buy them to try 'em on. 


Jack has a talent which Jo calls "freakishly weird" - I may have spoken of it before. She can play her recorder through her nose... "Ode to Joy" is the song she usually picks. But now I've discovered a freakishly weird talent of Jo's. Every time we go fishin' the darn girl catches a fish. Only one time was it big enough to not throw back, but WOW! That's amazing to me. We were at a lake this weekend. She picked up a pole, and sure enough, not more than five minutes later she reeled in a fishy.

(The little boy is the child of a friend.)

I wonder if all of my kids know how amazing they are. I tell them all the time, but who ever really listens to this crazy woman?

Enjoy & In Joy


danna said...

omg! Jo looks so much like Paige in that picture it's not even funny! I can't believe how big they have gotten, even since last Aug when I saw them! They are getting more and more beautiful everyday! I can't wait to see them again!

Sandra Miller Linhart said...


I know! Jo is almost as tall as Paige. It's amazing to see how much they've grown by the 'growth chart' on the kitchen doorway. Sophe is taller now than Marci was two years ago, and Marci has grown about four inches since last summer. Sophe about three.

It's no wonder the only thing Sophe ever says anymore is: "I'm hungry." She reminds me of the Roly Poly puppy in 101 Dalmations. "But, Momma, I'm hungry."

(Bean doesn't look too happy in that picture as she's never caught a fish before. She had a pretty big one on the hook one time, but as she was trying to reel it in, it got away. We all saw it, though, so it wasn't a typical fish story.)

I love and miss you, Danna.

pass the popcorn, please!