11 July 2008

Buy Lingual

Did you happen to catch the speech from our president the other day about how we shouldn't worry if immigrants learn to speak English, or not? He went on to say the immigrants would eventually learn to speak English after they lived here long enough (I disagree, especially if they stick to their own language-speaking neighborhoods and never venture outside their comfort zones). He said we should worry more about teaching our kids to speak Spanish.

I have two thoughts here - maybe more. We'll tally up later.

First - Not all immigrants are from Spanish speaking countries... therefore, should we really teach our children only Spanish as a second language? What message does that send to our non-Spanish speaking friends?

Secondly, I believe he meant to say all children need to be bi-lingual (or multi-lingual) in this day and age. With which I heartily agree. But, if that's the case, isn't he saying ALL children need to be bi-lingual, which would include the children of immigrants - thereby making it necessary, in his spoken opinion, for them to learn to speak English, as well?
And, as a parent with European/Native American ancestry, oughtn't I have the option to have my children learn German, French, Latin, Northern Arapaho Indian, Welsh &/or... whatever?

(Why is it we never get credit for learning 'the King's English'? That's just... how might Alli put it... a bit bonkers. One of our French Foreign Exchange students - Ophelie - said she didn't learn to speak the English we were speaking... She learned the 'correct' English!  It was amazing, listening to this tiny French girl speaking like the Beatles with her thick native accent.)

Is it important we bow down to one speaking faction of society? Just when did bi-lingual become synonymous with Spanish/English anyway?

Why are school funds - which, in my opinion, could more appropriately be used for the purchase of books and supplies - being used to print fliers and schedules and newsletters in 'English on one side & Spanish on the other' yet not printed in any other language, as a rule? I have nothing against speaking or learning to speak Spanish. In fact, I've considered learning it myself so I can better communicate with citizens of Mexico - when I vacation there again. "Una más cerveza, por favor, Daniel."

BTW, when I vacationed in Germany, I did my best to speak German - albeit poorly, as the last time I spoke the German language I was in High School. Yeah, they're probably still laughing, but that's not the point!

I think everyone coming to America ought to learn English for their own sake. I believe we all ought to take this 'globalization' thing by the horns and learn a different language... or two... or more... for our own sake. Improving yourself is never a bad idea.

Tyck om ditt tillbringar veckoslutet.


James A. Bowders said...

Here, here! I also believe that we all should be multi-lingual. But that is only my belief and I do not force it onto others, personally I think our school should teach every student at least three languages; being American English, American Sign, and one foreign, be it Spanish or German or French or Czech or Russian, or even Arabic. Now this list is not inclusive, nor is it my intention to single out any language or to diminish any, I simply posted a short list. Let face it, it is a small world and I still wouldn’t want to paint it.

Why is there a large movement to support the huge Spanish only speaking population in America? Because they are a large economic force, and what better way to cash in on that then to support them in the exchange of their American Green Backs then to cater to their native language?

As for the constant oral utterances from the Democratic Nominee for President if you listen long enough you will hear what he is thinking and not what has been prepared. Right now the big one of his big undecided voter swing tool are his statements about the withdraw of US troops from the Middle East. But he has said nothing new or different, he is simply keeping the public with the same thing the rest of the US Government has said, when it is time to withdraw the forces we will do so. That is nothing different then what has been said for the last year, but now it is being viewed as something it is not, the old sales technique, tell the people just enough to not lie or to mislead just allow them to draw their own conclusions. The only thing more dangerous is someone that is sincerer, because unlike someone who will flat out lie to you, a sincere person doesn’t have to know the truth, they just simply have to believe in what they are thinking and saying regardless of fact or truth. At least a liar saw the fact and or the truth before they choose to bend or twist it.

I remind you the Military is an arm of the Diplomatic Branch of the Government. The Military does not just decide to go here or to do this or that, it is the Diplomatic Branch of the Government that directs the Military to achieve the goals through force (that can be Projection of Force, it can be Physical Force like war, or it can be Force of Presence) since the Diplomatic Branch could not achieve the goals through words. And it is the Diplomatic Branch of the Government that ultimately will decide when the job is done and the Military can come home.

Now for the rest of the joke that is the campaign before the punch line, I only hope that America is ready for what is around the corner because no matter who is elected as President it is going to be a bumpy ride.

My prediction is: Attacks on the US, at home and abroad will increase in the next six months, and in that with in that time at least one very large attack will happen to the US mainland, in or around a major city, most likely in the heartland where the feeling is that they are safe.

But what do I know?

Anonymous said...

Bring your own damn dildo, slut, and stop trying to insult me! I believe you already speak more than one language - after all, didn't you live in the deep south not so long ago???! Plus you are fluent in iPay atinLay. CAN I GET AN INTERPRETER OVER HERE?! We should all do our best to at least learn to understand Politician, that way we would be able to discern between empty campaign promises and the dry, dusty, hope evaporating hot wind blowing across our once great country. I especially like the way the politicians pander to a group of people who aren't even citizens, at the expense of the taxpayers that put them in office. I wonder if Obama can read sign language? Maybe I should turn it up???! BLESS YOUR HEART!

cell92 said...

I agree with you and I really do feel that we all should learn other languages, because we are a global society. Knowing another language can help in the work force and in other areas.

Even the very process of learning another language brings important benefits.

Learning to communicate in world languages, however, has practical uses for doing business overseas.

Or when people learn another language they gain insights into the very nature of language and culture.

Sandra Miller Linhart said...

Did you know American Sign Language is an elective in College - not considered a language at all? At least it was, anyway. I know this because I had three years of it in College in CA. I always considered it a strange decision on the part of the faculty/admin.

Sandra Miller Linhart said...

Hey... Ann... watch your language! I am not a $lut... but I play one on TV.
(If you don't have any pictures... how can you back up your words?)

And, I think you meant igpay, atinLay, idiotay... and yes, I am fluent. (Now, I'm just trying to find a way to become affluent... hey, wait, if a language professor makes a lot of money teaching people another language, could one say he's affluent in that language?)

Get your own Damned Interpreter! Mine's being used to interpret the new tax laws and politian double-speak... and the abstract policies of our growing society.

pass the popcorn, please!