27 July 2008

Being Soul in America

I saw CNN just did a program called: Being Black In America - I'm not going to comment on that except to say we all had our problems growing up; we all had our crosses to bear; all of our ancestors had some kind of difficulty to overcome. Whether you want to say, "Yeah, but our's was worse," or "You had it easier, and still do," nobody knows what it's like to be anyone else. I grew up in a small country town in Wyoming, where everybody knew everybody else - and they all knew everyone's business, so they thought. But, if everyone really knew what really was going on in my little town - behind our closed doors, they never let it show they knew my father was an abusive pedophile... and he was thee boy scout master in town. I often wonder how many little boys he scouted. But I'm going off on a tangent, here. Let me get back to my thoughts.

The American Culture is full of people as diverse as creatures in a pond - and it's one we're losing fast. We all see the differences. We all see the similarities. Why do we have to keep hashing out what one group sees as incongruities and another sees as opportunities? There are a few in every crowd who need their brains removed for the common good - people who think the color of your skin means anything at all. It doesn't. Just because you're black-skinned doesn't mean you're treated badly by society, and just because you're white-skinned doesn't mean you aren't. And, every shade in between.

We're becoming a culture of hyphenAmericans. We no longer have a culture in which to be proud, it seems. Our forefathers' visions are now just a joke to touchy-feely hyphenAmericans. A man can brutally rape a child and the Supreme Court says capital punishment doesn't fit his crime. What would? Should Yeti brutally rape and assault him?

Turn the other cheek. An eye for an eye. Let this generation pay for the crimes of our ancestors... Who are we supposed to pay back? How long will we have to pay for the decisions of our great-great-grandfathers? How or how much will we have to pay? When will it ever be enough? I cannot wait for the day Americans stand side-by-side and say, "I love this country - and not because my husband has a chance at being President, but because I was afforded every opportunity my grandparents and great-grandparents weren't - but through their sacrifices and hard work I am who I am today. And I am grateful to this Country, and my God - whomever I perceive my God to be (or lack thereof), and to all who came and struggled before me. I will do my best to make the next generation better than the last one. I promise to leave this Country a better place than when I arrived. And, I will stop placing blame on others, and start utilizing the challenges placed before me as a learning/building block to spring forth into my horizons; my life; my destiny."

Yes, I had a monster for a father. Yes, my upbringing was in poverty and shame. But, wonders upon wonders, I now have a treasure chest of experiences from which to draw as I take pen in hand and do what I love to do - write.

I give thanks daily for that monster who was instrumental in making me who I am today - not unlike the people who loved and cherished me. Because of him I have more compassion and strength, and understanding. There's no sense wishing I'd received that lesson in a more loving environment, because, hey - you take what you're given and you carve a life for yourself. You surround yourself with love and lovely people - and you thank the Universe daily for this wonderful opportunity of being Soul in America.


James A. Bowders said...

Movie Quote: Three Faces West

“When is it time to stop being a refugee and be a pioneer?”

It is all part of the “Whatever” Generation. No rules, no guides, no standards, no common sense, blessed with only the inane ability to father the idea of wearing their pants below their ass and their hat on backwards, next it will be underwear on the outside of them droopy draws…I say father the idea because only a guy would think of such a stupid thing.

Make the rules, and then make the punishment for not follow the rules. Then hold everyone to those rules. The exceptions are for why the rules were broken.

Self defense as an example.

Under the idea of each and every person has the right to do what ever they want to do as long as it does not interfere with the rights of another. Violate this simple rule and be punished. The punishment is based on the idea that since you violated the rights of someone else, you would loose your rights and there for on the same level as the victim.

I am shocked at the folly of what this farcical Justice system as it dulls out it findings willy-nilly. If in the course of a life time you are found to be socially undesirable and that you fail to respect the rights of others then you are to be held accountable for the theses actions and should be put to death, for the good of society. This person would no longer be a burden on the economy; they would no longer have the chance to cheat other out of their rights. Plain and simple, here are the rules; you are responsible for your actions.

But what do I know?

Sandra Miller Linhart said...

A lot more people would follow the rules of civilization if the punishment for not following them would be much harsher. There's nothing more dull than the blade of justice these days... nor sharper than my tongue, some may say.

Anonymous said...

Left any spoons in unsuspecting purses lately?

Sandra Miller Linhart said...

OMG!! Winstead! Is that you? I like everything about you - 'cept for that one thing!

How are you??? Shake hands with Greg Kinnear lately?

Anonymous said...

Shake hands with him? Oh..I'm WAY beyond that. ;) Got anything more private than this forum??I have QUESTIONS!!!

Sandra Miller Linhart said...

hehehehe! Still the same after all these years, I see.
Tell you what... comment to this blog with your current email address... I may or may not post it ;o) depending on how many nickels you got... and I'll email you (I won't post your comment/email as long as you promise to not say anything funny or post-worthy - you're on your own there!)

Then I'll answer any question you have - and maybe some of them truthfully!!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to remind you that you guys couldnt stay at the DVQs in Benning.

Sandra Miller Linhart said...

True that, Winstead... however, your recent bubbling to the surface of my life reminded me of a fancy function you talked me into attending with you and your wonderful hubby (while my hubby was in Saudi with)... do you remember? I had to sit at the front tables with you - and the rest of the DVs - was it Gen Schumaker? Who can remember? The announcer began: "General and Mrs. So-in-so, leader of the free world, inventor of the paper clip, blah, blah, blah" - *hearty applause*... Ad infinitum...
until they got to me:
"Missus Sandra Linhart"
clap, clap, clap...
*timid applause*
"General and Missus..."

...and what was one Missus Winstead doing? Laughing her a$$ off, and trying to not pee her panties. I almost choked trying to keep a straight face and not follow suit.

Too, too funny. Thanks for the memories, chicky. Too much fun for a lifetime. I appreciate you.

And, why would I want to stay at the DVQs, we LIVED on General's Row!! Beat that!!

Jeanne said...

You know, sometimes I visit you and you don't even know it..:::breathy laugh:::: Wait, this could be frightening if you didnt know it was Jeanne couldnt it?

Sandra Miller Linhart said...

You are so random, Jeanne Girl. I really do miss you in my life. Why did you leave me? Why did you move?
...oh, yeah... army.

You know how hard it is to find your comments? The program only shows me your comment - not upon which post is being commented. I have to search HIGH and low to find it. I write too much, I suppose.

You keep me hopping like a frog in a frying pan.

I hope you are well. You are, aren't you? I miss you.

pass the popcorn, please!