19 June 2008

Six feet under (water)

5 right feet, 1 left - all clad in running shoes and found on the coastal border of western Canada - about 115 (150?) miles of shoreline between Vancouver, British Columbia and Vancouver Island.

According to Dan Springer in Seattle, all six feet have been in the water for a while as they are merely skeletal remains tucked inside running shoes.

Suicide victims? Experts say probably not. Accident victims? Unlikely. Drug/payback related? May be. Serial killers? Worry and concern there may be a crazy person out there. Several young men have gone missing east of the Vancouver area in the past few years. Hoax? How would you hoax something like that? Just drop by the local cemetery and dig up just the feet? How many people are buried in tennis shoes? Anybody know? I don't, but I would bet the dearly departed are mostly dolled up in their best, including shoes. Don't ask me why. I've never understood you humans in regard to death and dying... and then burying your dead (which is another subject all together).

I wonder if the left foot is a match to one of the rights.

Maybe a shark out there has an anti-foot fetish. Strange going-ons... goings-on?

Hey, Danna, heads-up. I just heard on the news the police in Holly Springs, GA (NE Atlanta) are tacking on an additional $12 to all moving violations as a fuel surcharge - to cover the cost of the gas they used to pull you over. Good news - they'll consider dropping the fee if gas drops below $3/gal. Ouch! Talk about slapping you twice.

Again, I ask, to whom do I send the bill for my fuel surcharge?

Last week I stopped twice - two different days - for people in the crosswalk. These were not at lighted intersections, but marked crosswalks on heavily travelled side streets. The first time, two teen-aged girls had been standing in the crosswalk, waiting for traffic for a while. The second time, a man in the December of his life (80s?) was trying to cross. Both times, no one was directly behind me, but about half a block to a block away. I stopped to allow these pedestrians to cross. Both times the vehicles behind me passed me on the right and damned near took out the crossers.

When did they change that particular law? Do people have to pass driving test these days, or just look good in their DMV photo?

Enjoy your Thursday.  I have a lawn to mow. (Today is Thursday, isn't it?)



Sandra Miller Linhart said...

On second thought - I hope you don't have to 'just look good' in your DMV photo as a pre-requisite for having said license... my DMV photo would scare a blind man.

Sandra Miller Linhart said...

(Happy Birthday, Shannon!)

Sandra Miller Linhart said...

FYI - If any of you say, "Something's a-foot" I will, of course, have to ban you from my blog... or give you the all-important 'Groan' Award. Whichever best fits my mood at the time.

Russel Edwards said...

One of my biggest complaints. Always, I,m confronted with an overly-generous motorist at an intersection, wherein, it is their right-of-way incontrovertibly, and I even wave them on first. They look at me and wave me on. That's nice, but to avoid confusion, let us follow the rules of the road, please. You know...the very rules s'posedly covered in the driving test! And still they sit there with a silly, magnanimous smile, and wave me on. I wonder if they changed that rule to--- 'The right of way goes to whoever is the least kind person on the road" ???
Just tonite, I turned right into a merge lane joining a four lane (two lanes each way) hiway and there were at least ten cars in a group coming up behind me. I naturally yielded the R.O.W. to the vehicles at full speed already on the hiway. The cars were grouped tightly enough that most in the right lane could not pull into the left lane to give me clearance, so I had to crawl along at about twenty-five to give the pack enough time to pass me. Several seconds later and all are past me except the last two. Then I notice that the fella in the right lane is slowing to let me in. And there's no one behind him. Not only that, but the guy to his left....is slowing down as well??? About the time I realize this, the guy in the left lane apparently gives up on being nice, and accelerates, leaving the lane open for the guy to his right....who just keeps slowing down for me. Never even seems to notice the open lane to his left. About then, as I'm running out of merge lane, I notice in my mirror that this swell fella is waving me on. Split second decision and hope for the best, "to hell with it" and I punch it and swing out in front of him and accelerate down the hiway
I've always thought that the rules of the road made sense in that they were designed to eliminate confusion. If it's your R.O.W...take it!!!! I don't know for sure that you're not slowing down to look at a pumpkin, or a pair of melons, or to yell at your passengers, and you'll suddenly speed back up once I start to pull out in front of you; or are you really being nicer than I, and I can rely on my next move...on your next move. And what if someone had come along and tried to pass this fella on the right while we were trying to figure out who was the kindest? If it's your R.O.W., take it! If it ain't...DON"T

Sandra Miller Linhart said...

I whole-heartedly (if one could) agree.
You try to do the 'right (of way)' thing but the REALLY NICE PERSON in the other lane is hell-bent on winning the citizen of the year award, at your expense.
Then there's your mom who doesn't know how to manage a four-way stop, so she avoids the corner or turns right everytime, even if it takes her way off course.
Wait - that's my mom

pass the popcorn, please!