09 May 2008

Welfare... so easy a caveman...

Well, you know the rest. Sometimes I think the cavemen had it right. Get up. Club something on the head to eat. Watch the sun rise. Smell the flowers. Stay alive. Watch the sun set. Get up and do it all over again. (Sure, you stink, but have you ever walked on the sidewalk in downtown New York City? Gadzooks! I imagine it's pretty much the same smell in dem dere caves.)

Civilization!! Dot-de-da-DA! *trumpets blaring* (or trumbones, as my X would say). Now we have regulations, rules, laws, taxes, liabilities, standards, protocols, referendums, religions, anti-religions, sects, factions, guidelines, ...and, my personal favorite: policies to adhere. How many of you had any say in the writing/sanctioning of any 'have to' you have to do/be? (do be doo)

We are governed by idiots as to what is in fashion, and pretty much have to stick to it - albeit we can be 'so yesterday' if we shop at Goodwill, etc. - but unless you sew your own clothing and make your own footwear, you're pretty much falling in the fashion line dictated by bone-heads. Do you remember those jeans with the butt cheeks cut out? Yeah, I think they sucked, too, but they were all the rage for a bit in the... (?late 70s, early 80s?? Who can remember?) Not beautiful by any means...

We are governed by idiots as to who deserves to work and pay for them-fools-what-don't-want-to. I liked the email going around a few ago - why do employed citizens have to take drug tests when welfare recipients don't? 

Fine, Upstanding, Pay-Your-Own-Way Americans - I SALUTE YOU!!! You are the backbone of this country. Everyone else has lost their spines.

Hey, get out there and enjoy the sunset tonight... and club something on the head for dinner while you're at it, why don't you?



Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, the irony! Struggle to pay the house payment, propane, utilities and irrigation (which we do not have direct access to but must pay anyway) only to be foreclosed for being unable to cough up more than $2400/year (and rising) for property taxes. I repeatedly vote no on every levy, bond, tax BS that rolls down the pike. Now they have included me (I live in an agriculture/rural county area) in new taxes for the Fire District, EMT for the Fire District ("If you do not vote to pass this levy, we cannot guarantee we will respond to your emergency"), two bond/levies for the School District (always in need of money because the local township is saddled with migrant farmer worker housing that the taxpayers fund but the property itself doesn't not generate a tax base, soooo, there are about 1,000 illegal/anchor babies going to school that do not provide taxes to help subsidize their education , the library district, the local Hospital District (a place I would not send somebody I absolutely hated), migrant farmer worker housing (primary breadwinner must obtain at least 75% of his/her income from the agricultural field - note it does not say "farmer worker" or "picker" or "orchard worker", the primary breadwinner only has to be employed somewhere in the farming industry - you should see all the late model cars, boats, satellite dishes these poor unfortunates are forced to put up with, not to mention, sodded yards, chain link fences and a park/playground)) Additonally, these items are only a portion of the assessed tax, much of it is assigned by the various boards in the County to help fund a bunch of other, unrepresented taxes. Now they are shooting for an aquatics park funded thru another school bond/levy election to build the pool; and an additional M & O fund to the tune of at least $80,000/year. The school levy they just passed will increase my property taxes by $600 alone this year. The swimming hole they are thirstin' for can go as high as $1.76/1000 of additional valuation. This is also the year the County gets to reevaluate properties and increase no more than 8%. YEA!!!! We are currently trying to refi, and altho our credit is excellent, we've never defaulted, all payments are current and we are both employed in good jobs fulltime, we still have to provide college transcripts, a degree, W-2 for three years running in addition to the last two years of tax forms, employment verifications, credit reports, background checks. I also have to write a letter explaining why I was unemployed for about a year when I chose to help my brother take care of my ailing father. Pretty much handing them my entire identity. If someone hacks their system, and steals my ID, it will be hard for me to defend myself and correct the situation, as about the only thing they won't have is the date of conception for my children and the details of what I had for dinner March 16, 1989. Hillaryously, if we default on the house, take the easy way out, go spineless, foreclose, choose bankruptcy, we could solve all of our problems and have all kinds of government help. Makes me want to puke or cry, not sure which. Somedays it hardly seems worth the effort, and we constantly wonder if we are doing the right thing. We love our property/house and want to continue living here, but at what point do we cut our losses and cut out? Everything goes up but the wages! How can I get in on this fuel surcharge 5h!+?!

Sandra Miller Linhart said...

It does seem desperate, but I assure you... it is.

I would say "hang in there" but I'm unsure if you'll take me literally... or if you have a rope.

I have to hope things will get better; people 'in charge' will realize the detriment they are levying on this country and the slime they're allowing to cultivate while paying illegals to usurp our government dry.

When and where does it end? I have a friend who tells me welfare works with only 2% fraud... yeah, right. But he lives in an upscale Colorado suburb of Denver - I doubt very much he's lived in upstate NY, put up with paying the taxes for citizens of NYC all the while not having a vote to stand on. People need to get out more and see what's happening not in their neck of the woods.

That's just my humble opinion. We can stick our heads in the sandboxes in our own back yards, but that doesn't mean the 'meany-boo-ba-leenies' won't come knocking on our doors for that free hand-out next.

James A. Bowders said...

Sounds like we should join a club... to someone's head.

Don't get me wrong, I am not advocating violence to resolve an issue that should be solved by the representatives that have been elected to represent us. I do claim that it is more apparent that the majority of those elected to represent us have no idea of what the back bone of this country is doing, and are forced to do as we face the on going greed of those vacuous petrol companies as they suck as much of the general populations disposable income out of their wallets. How the misguided green heads think that diverting the food stuffs to produce an alternative fuel should also be looking for an alterative food source.

I remind you that this body had to be governed on the subject of Ethics and it was not until 1968, the Senate adopted its first official code of conduct, and the disheartening part of that is they also have the power to change and alter the guidelines they must follow. Because it is apparent that doing the right thing changes from year to year. Anyway I do not have to power to change it alone maybe someone out there will take interest in it, you can find it here: http://ethics.senate.gov/downloads/pdffiles/manual.pdf it is a light read all 542 pages in PDF format. I always enjoy reading a definition and within it is a word in “Quotations” makes me think that in doing so they are winking at the meaning of that word, as if they are sharing a secret joke, like …As to what constitutes ‘‘substantial holdings’’… It is obvious why the high number of politicians have become lawyers first so that they can write this legal double talk with their finger crossed, like they way so many of them take their oath of office. But then it is not limited to this countries highest political leaders, we are covered in these people (like jelly on toast) have you ever taken a really close look at your local Law Enforcement Office, your local city government, the town counsel?

Get your heads out of your sandbox and pay attention to your world. Stop focusing on your life and think of the lives of those that will sharpen their teeth on your bones (refer to Peter Ustinov).

Grab your club America and do something for you young ones.

But what do I know?

Sandra Miller Linhart said...

Like Jelly on Toast - I like that!

Your words are quite insightful, grasshopper... or would you be the master?

The rules keep changing - I cannot keep up.

Years ago people were telling us we were lucky because them in Canada and Europe were paying 'so much more' for petrol... What are we now?

pass the popcorn, please!