28 May 2008

Oh, Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood.

I see from the responses to MEN!!, I once again successfully confused the issue to the point where no one understands what I'm trying to say...

So, I should just get over it, but I have to say a few more things first. Then I'll shut up (for a bit anyway).

1. If you like looking at the female form, good for you and bless your heart - I think maybe you should keep your tongue in your mouth and your thoughts to yourself, however.

2. If you have a problem seeing two round masses of flesh encasing fat cells in the same vicinity and at the same time functioning in society - I think maybe you'd be better off staying home a lot more... maybe get a subscription to one of the Playboy Channels, or something...

3. If you think that girl dressed up so she could be leched and groped by your eyes - you may be correct... but I think maybe you should try to see life from her perspective... and maybe, just maybe she dressed like that for her guy. I'm not saying every girl who wears a bikini to the beach is looking to be leched at, I'm saying maybe one or two are looking to be appreciated by their beau... or maybe they just want to swim.

4. I'm not disagreeing with you some chicks dress like that for shock and lech value... and when that's the case they shouldn't be surprised when they get a reaction. But, I'm also not saying every man is a lecher...

There. I said what I had to say. No need to call for me to cut off my boobies. I like them just fine, and, I like being appreciated - more for my brain than my boobs, but, hey, I'll get it where I can.

Put your tongue back in your mouth and enjoy the view.



Guy Lonesome said...

Huh! Wha'? Sorry, I was staring at your boobs.

If they were mine I'd let you touch them.

James A. Bowders said...

Men! Manly men doing manly things with other men in a manly way. Men making a way for other men to do manly things with manly men. If men lived in one community in Pennsylvania they would be referred to as the Mannish. They would practice manly activities, and actively slap each other’s asses because that is what manly men do. The Mannish community would not have a village idiot it most likely would have a pair of boobs, so that all the men could stare at them as they are paraded about.

This would be a good time to sing about being a Lumber Jack.

But what do I know?

Manford P. Puller, ESQ. Retired said...

Dear Madam,

As a man I object to the last posting about men doing manly things with other men. I for one have never participated in the Mannish Parade in Mancaster Pennsylvania nor have I ever been slapped on my bottom in a manly way.

Manford P. Puller, ESQ. Retired

Sandra Miller Linhart said...

I think I just peed myself... (now that's a visual)
Thanks for the giggles

pass the popcorn, please!