22 May 2008


What is it with men? I apologize to the 2% of you who don't fit in to this particular category, but OMG!! Siera's father is in his late 40s or early 50s... and he marries a malignant tumor in her twenties. What could they possibly have to talk about? I mean, besides the obvious - what position she takes... and I'm not talking politics.

As I drove down a very congested major city street yesterday, I kept thinking, "What the heck is going on?" The two vehicles in front of me in the left lane were doing about 20 in a 45 mph zone. I couldn't see any obstructions in front of them - no cause for defensive driving nor concern... then I noticed what, or rather, who was driving in the right lane. There were, oh I'd guess seven or eight Harleys, riding somewhat tandem - two in a row, four thick. Behind each Harley Dude sat a chick - oh, I'd say early 20s, if that - dressed in barely nothing. Quite beautiful by every means - not merely striking at all!

Then it dawned on me. The guy (looked to be about 60) in the PU in front of me was driving with his head practically stuck out the passenger-side window, tongue dragging on the ground. As was the derelict in front of him.


How old do you have to be before you stop making a complete and total asinine fool of yourself over a bodacious babe on the back of some dude's bike??? In what world would this 'fine young thing' find you remotely more attractive than the dude whose biceps she's grasping?

So, while you're having fantasies I don't even want to think about, you're holding up traffic so you can get some eye candy??? What??? Grow the F up, already. If you looked at your old lady the way you ogle that child, you'd have a much happier marriage, you idiot.


Is that ALL men (and I use the term lightly) ever think about? Can't they think about driving while behind the wheel, and working while at work, etc.?

If a UPS guy walks in the door of an office full of women, dressed in the shorts and sportin' some nice biceps and tidy thighs, most women will look up and appreciate what they see and sign for the dang package (the one he's holding in his hands, sicko)... but switch genders in the roles, and you have a whole group of males jockeying for position, tongues hanging out like a bunch of wild dogs. I just don't get it.  If it weren’t so sad, it'd be funny.

Boys will be boys, they say - but it really is disturbing to think if that's all old boys can think about, why the hell aren't all positions of power held by women?

'Scuze me. I have to go throw up now.

Enjoy & In Joy


Anonymous said...

Here's a riddle for you:
Q: Five teenagers in a car, speeding down the Interstate: two boys, three girls.
They get pulled over by the Highway patrol. He tickets one girl and both boys. Why did the other two girls walk away without a ticket?
A: They had big boobs.

Sandra Miller Linhart said...

As my sister says: If you ain't stroke material, why the hell are you breathin'?

James A. Bowders said...

As a man I wonder if the standing in front of a canvas, looking at the delicate lines of a woman that has been painted by someone such as Gustav Klimt, Edgar Degas, Paul Gauguin, or Lord Frederic Leighton to name only a few. Would make me as vile a creator as the one that looks at the photos of women today?

Yes, I agree there is a difference, not only in media but in the eye of the beholder. Is it art or is it something else? Can this same man look at a woman, any woman and appreciate the creature for her appearance or the image that it creates. The whole image, not just the form of the human body but the construction of whole image, the scene that is communicated through the eyes of the artiest.

Agreed there is a difference between the presentation of Art and that of Pornography, many times we confuse the two. The simple rule that I keep in the back of my mind, is that if the image is presented in such a way that it only intent is to provoke sexual arousal, it is Pornography. I will allow you to decide what is Art and what you proclaim to be Pornography, as an artist I create an image, it is the building of emotional connections through my heart and head to the person that is viewing the image. Fine art communicates openly and easily, transcending barriers of age and tongue, of culture and beliefs, in instills provocation of thought.

Can a man look at a woman in this same course and admire the image that it projects? I believe yes, just as this creature can just as easily provide the same response when the intention is to only provoke sexual arousal.

Men! Bless their hearts…

I make no excuses for men as a whole…just as do not try to make excuses for women. I mealy accept individuals as they are; I expect nothing from them in return. The truth is I am very rarely disappointed.

But what do I know?

Sandra Miller Linhart said...

Yes, but does it have to consume a man's thoughts every minute of every day? How can a man work beside a woman of aesthetic value if all he sees are boobs attached to a vagina?

We all got 'em. They're all different - but you have to admit, they're all pretty much the same.
They're for feeding children.
- in the 'nature' sense of it -
fat cells encased in skin.

I agree, there is nothing more artistically beautiful than nature - and that includes the female form.

But, OMG, get a grip, would ya?

Then, you have people defending men's actions by saying it's natural to be aroused by the young female form - survival of the species... so, I guess, using that argument, all men over the age of 40 may as well be put out to pasture, or maybe disposed of, as there are more virile, younger men to finish what you thought you started...

Unless you want to rethink your stance that women over 40 aren't sexual, because then there'd be a reason to keep men over 40 around.

At least, that's what this 'ignorant' person thinks.

Anonymous said...

Why don't u have a masectomy and be done with the insluting looks u get from men, if ur so offended?

Rus Miller said...

While you try to blame nature for making the female form so attractive to men, and try to blame men for being such pigs, why don't you spare a little blame for the 'hot motoercycle chicks' (and many, many other chicks) who literally go out of their way to attract such stares. After all, there is no real survival advantage to a low-cut blouse, a halter-top, or etc, except for mate attraction. You gotta admit that many of these poor, mis-oogled ladies get one hell of an ego boost out of having all the male heads swivel as they walk by. And they don't really care how old they are, as long as they are good looking or have lots of money.
I, for one, am offended when some sweet, young honey dressed in pure unadulterated sex is offended that I notice her with appreciation, but she thinks I'm disgusting or creepy. Hey, Honey, if you don't want my attention as well, don't wear your sex appeal so blatanly down my street. Why don't you keep it in the bedroom with the one(s) you want to have enjoy it. If yer gonna flash it around town, you can expect men of all ages to notice. Fifty year old men maybe shouldn't oogle twenty year old babes, but then maybe twenty year old babes ought not go to the library looking like they are auditioning for the cover of sports illustrated swimsuit issue.
If you're going to say that they have a right to look attractive, then they can expect to attract looks.
And why aren't you picketing Ambercrummie and Filth?

Sandra Miller Linhart said...

Good Plan, Sparky - Brilliant! I like how you went from me being upset that Tim Testost almost wrecked his car and others - to me being insulted by the unwanted stares, so I should maybe maim myself.
You're funny - you should maybe work for Leno.

Hell, stare at me if you must - but do it not from behind your steering wheel on a busy street where your actions can directly hurt another... by maybe running over that useless, bag-boobed grandma who just walked in front of your car - on the crosswalk - but you were too busy eating all the eye candy on the sidewalk.

Me thinks you missed my point by a mile, anon. You musta been catching some eye candy of your own. Pay 'tention!

Yeah, I know, right?
Did you see the way she was dressed? She deserved it. One shouldn't be allowed to go out in public in anything nice or attractive because she knows it will ultimately cause Joe Trucker to swerve off the road and kill innocents. What a thoughtless b!tch she is. My mistake. I think she dressed with reckless abandonment! It was all her fault. Send her to prison.

Poor guy. He had no choice but to act the way he did. *sniff*

(noticing with appreciation the female form is different than being unable to function in society when a babe is in your midst. Remember - these 'men' were driving down a major thoroughfare in the middle of a crowded, busy town. maybe they should pull over, sit on a bench with their tool in their hand and then stare???)

Don't get me started on Ambercrumbie and Filth! $40 for a t-shirt, my a$$!

In Joy

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