16 May 2008

76 Trumbones...

MSN.com has plethora information at your fingertips... literally. I just read my spices lose their strength and flavor (shelf life) after about six months. Crap! Salt's another story, however. Lot's wife can, and will, be around for eternity, sitting right next to Honey - which, according to MSN.com, never spoils. Things you didn't know you didn't know.

Jo had a band concert last night. She plays the trombone - not the trumbone (as that one person calls it). I suppose that's a half trombone - half trumpet - which I don't believe exists, but as you all know and have told me many times - I'm ignorant.

She had previously signed me up, oh, around Christmas concert time, to play a song with the other parents in this concert. She told me about it, but that was ages ago. You can't expect me to remember something which happened five months ago, can you? You can? Oh...

So, they called the parents on stage and we played "Hot Cross Buns" for the amusement of the other parents who were smart enough or sly enough to dodge that particular bullet. There were seven of us in all... and one brave grandma. (I know I'm a grandma, but I was playing for my daughter, not my Knickerless. Don't be so picky.)

The instructor told us to sit in our child's chair, take their instrument and she'd have the entire band of children play the song twice, parents would play it once, then we'd all play together. Four times in all.

She started the band a-playin'. I heard my daughter loud-whispering from the stage wings "MOM! Play!"

I looked around and saw the other parents (and grandma) don't listen very well, do they? They're all tooting along on their child's instrument. So, on the second play-through, I joined in and continue throughout. I thought I did a fine job.

The boy sitting next to me - another trombone said, "You suck."

I smiled, and said, "Makes you appreciate Jo's playing just that much more, huh?"

After the concert, we met in the band room where Jo informed her instructor I played the trombone 32 years ago, while a sophomore in high school.

I said, "Yeah, but after six months they asked me to please stop ...and put me on the bass clarinet."

"I can see why," Jo said. "You play too loud."

"Oh, is that a bad thing? I thought they asked me to stop because I made everyone else sound like amateurs."
I guess my shelf-life as a trombone player has expired. Water ya gonna do?
Enjoy & In Joy


James A. Bowders said...

Play loud? I thought you were supposed to play so the Astronauts could hear you!

But what do I know?

Sandra Miller Linhart said...

Yes, but unfortunately one of the parents in the room was an astronaut... so apparently I played too loud...

Let's just say when he left the auditorium, his socks stayed behind.

pass the popcorn, please!