28 April 2008

Soaking in the tub...

...mind on auto-pilot, I began to make a mental checklist of things. I’d like to share one in particular.

Ten things I miss about living with a significant other:
1. Relief is just a nudge away for that middle-of-the-night back itch you just can’t reach.
2. Sitting on the veranda, watching the sunrise/set and talking quietly over a cup of coffee or glass of wine.
3. Falling asleep in warm, loving arms; bodies close and snugly.
4. Waking up to breakfast in bed.
5. Getting a cup of tea brought in when your head can’t leave the pillow or your butt can’t leave the throne.
6. Discussing the latest news or movie you’re watching.
7. Sharing a bowl of ice cream on the couch.
8. Long, hot showers together.
9. Discussing and deciding what we want to do together.
10. Sharing chores and responsibilities as two.

Ten things I like about living alone:
1. A backscratcher is just a reach away – and it doesn’t yell if you utilize it in the middle of the night (same goes for BOB for those other kinds of itches).
2. Sitting on the veranda, watching the sunrise/set and thinking quietly over a cup of coffee or glass of wine.
3. Having the whole bed and all the pillows to myself.
4. Waking up, going to bed and eating whatever and whenever I want.
5. Not being self-conscience about the smells emitting from both ends when you’re sicker than a dog and smell worse than a dead one.
6. Being able to hear the TV or movie because no one is talking.
7. Having the whole carton of ice cream to yourself.
8. Long, hot shower without having to share the spray.
9. Doing whatever I damned well please.
10. Having only to clean up after, or cook for one.


James A. Bowders said...

You missed the one that I would have added higher on the list…

Not having to explain in detail the reasoning and justification for every decision you make without the expressed preapproval of having your own reasoning and justification.

But what do I know?

Sandra Miller Linhart said...

True... so then I would have to add to the "miss" list:

Having someone beside you to help make the hard decisions in life, and then share the blame/kudos for said decisions...

(you seem to know a lot!)

pass the popcorn, please!