11 April 2008

Survey says...

You know, I’m really not political at all, but reading my blog you may get that impression. I apologize for misleading you. It’s just something about somebody else telling me what I SHALL have or I SHALL do or SHALL NOT do ticks me off a bit.

I SHALL have health insurance and car insurance… I SHALL pay taxes. And, I SHALLN’T beotch about it. Yeah, right… Bee Eye Tea Ee Em Ee!

What I want to do is write. And read. And play. And laugh. And be. And be in joy. And enjoy.

Every now and again surveys go around the email-coaster and you’re supposed to fill in the blanks with your own answers and send them on. From now on, I’ll just send a link to this blog, because – once and for all (until I change my mind) people – these are my answers (for the moment, anyway):

What’s your age?: today? 45… the day after my next birthday? 46
What color are your eyes?: The right one is denim blue with a golden circle around the iris, but if you don’t get close enough it just sorta looks green. The left one is just like the right one.
What’s your weight?: 125-155 lbs, depending on the weight of the world. I weigh much less on my home planet.
What’s your height?: Are you kidding me? You never ask a lady her height. What are you, an idiot?
What’s your sign?: Slippery when wet? No, Cancer
What’s your favorite precious stone?: Tanzanite
What’s your favorite metal?: Gold
What’s your favorite color?: Azure
Who’s your favorite actor?: Do they have to be alive? Okay, then - Female? – Meg Ryan & Kathy Bates; Male? - Tom Hanks & Owen Wilson – to name only two of each.
Who’s your favorite author?: (Besides me?) Stephen King and Elizabeth Berg – to name only two.
Who’s your favorite singing sensation?: (Besides me?) Michael Tolcher, Rob Thomas, Sarah McLaughlin – to name only a few.
(My sister always asks what I did with the money. I always answer with: “What money?” Twixt she always replies: “The money I sent you for singing lessons.” And then, I always say: “Let that be a lesson to you!” Yeah, we’re always fun like that.)
What are you wearing?: (no, wait, that’s what guy said on the phone to me last night… right after the really heavy breathing…never mind)
What’s your favorite food?: Anything edible – I am carnivorous, not because I hate animals… but because I love plants.
What’s the last book you read?: A New Earth, by Eckard Tolle
What’s the last movie you watched?: Horton Hears a Who
When’s the last time you cried?: When I filed/paid my taxes.
What inspires you?: Life
What’s your biggest fear?: Outliving my kids
What’s your pet peeve?: Pet Peeves
What disgusts you?: For one - Liars of every shape and size, regardless of their reasons for lying. Another – pedophiles and pimps (Yes, I’m also talking about the scumbags who produce/buy/promote the wonderful “Girls Gone Wild,” and the like, Videos – who, in my opinion, are all of the above.) And, watching people eat bugs. And other stuff like that.
Do you believe in God?: Not as a person, but as a concept – yes.
Do you believe in Jesus?: Not as a person, but as a concept – yes
Do you believe we are alone in the Universe?: No, it just feels that way sometimes.
What’s your favorite flavor?: Wow, that’s a harder one than the God/Jesus questions - Ice cream?: Pistachio; Coffee?: Chocolate; Imitation (as in candy)?: Strawberry, Cherry or Raspberry;
What’s your favorite aroma?: baking bread, vanilla, lilac, the smell of my children’s breath (after they’ve brushed their teeth)
What’s your favorite candy?: Hot ‘Males; Good ‘N Plenty; Licorice; Cinnamon Bears
What’s your ideal car?: ‘65 Mustang convertible
What was your favorite toy as a child?: Boys… as an adult it’s Men.
Do you have any regrets?: Yes, answering these surveys.
Have you ever died your hair?: Well… I’ve never killed it, if that’s what you’re asking.
Have you ever permed your hair?: Yes, but more like temped it ‘cuz it didn’t stay that way for very long.
Have you ever had surgery?: yes – a bazillion times… or, it could be less. I lost count.
Have you ever had vanity surgery?: Just my eyes – had lasik
How many surveys like this have you filled out?: More than I’ve had surgeries, that’s all I know.

Anything else you’d like to know about me? Just ask – I’ll answer any question you may have.

Enjoy & In Joy


Sandra Miller Linhart said...

Earlier I called my bro a liar... he's not really a liar, but I was just trying to CMA, as he'll probably tell you stories about me I'd rather not anyone know...

So, when I said I don't like liars, I wasn't speaking of my bro, even tho I lied about him lying... so, I guess I'm talking about liars that lie when it counts, not lying to make it funny... which is really getting convoluted at this point... so maybe I should just shut up.

Never mind.

Pen Drive said...

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Sandra Miller Linhart said...

Thanks ever so much. I'll check out your blog, post haste... or postal tasty, or something like that.

Thanks for playing

Sandra Miller Linhart said...

Oops, fell for that one - It's an advertisement for a USB drive. In spandish, no less.

there goes that big balloon head of mine, thinking someone liked my blog. (Not beautiful by any means, but likeable)

*red face*
Humble once more,

Anonymous said...

And just when you were talking about liars! Time wasters too! How about Pin Head! I love your blog! It makes me happy! Isn't that all that counts???!

Sandra Miller Linhart said...

Yes, Anne Ominous - making you happy and keeping you happy IS all that counts...

Touche' (inside joke)

My blog will either make you feel happy...
or self-righteous.
Glad I could be of service.

and, I would not lie about something as serious as that!

Enjoy feeling happy.
Enjoy feeling superior.
Enjoy life
just Enjoy!
and, bless your heart

pass the popcorn, please!