13 March 2008

Spring Cleaning

Today I’m going to do something different besides bitch about politics.

The weather’s changing. The skies are bluer. The air is clean and crisp. And, summer is on its way. So, to greet summer, we’re going to do an exercise in gratuity. I’ll do it here – you play along at home. ‘K?

We’ll have an 'attitude of gratitude' session… as they say.

So, sit comfortably in a quiet place and ponder about your life. What is it for which you are most grateful?

I am grateful for Love. I have five beautiful girls who show me love every single day, in many ways, and accept my love to them in return. I have a grandson, whom, although I rarely see, lights up my life with a smile on a picture and fills my heart with love. I am loved and love back in a totally unconditional way – a kind of love for which I’ve been searching all my life. I finally have that love. I am extremely grateful for that. I have the love and companionship of my siblings, who give me courage, encouragement and insights. I have the love and respect of other relatives around me (my son-in-law, my uncle, etc.), whom I feel a mutual respect and admiration. I have the quirky love of my mother, who reminds me this world is nothing but an illusion – we make of it what we will and there is nothing else but what we see. So, why not love instead of fear?

(The opposite of love is fear, you know? Not hate. Love accepts all possibilities. Fear rejects all possibilities… and hate just makes you bitter and ugly.)

I am grateful for being able to wake up in the morning and be free to choose my day. I am grateful I no longer have to be the indentured slave of another, or have to answer to another’s whims. I am grateful I have a full and rewarding life of my choosing – my life… not an extension of ‘his’ anymore.

(Remember, these are my gratitudes – not yours. You’re playing along at home with your own list….)

I am grateful for my warm and inviting home. I know if my house burned down tomorrow, my home is there regardless, for we fill it with love - and every person who enters my home with a heart full of love adds to the home in ways I never imagined. I am thankful I have a place to call home; a place I can decorate and clean; a place to invite loved ones into and make them feel comfortable for a short (or long) time.

I am grateful for the places I’ve been. I am fortunate to have lived in and travelled to many states in this great United States. I’ve enjoyed the scenery of Alaska aboard a cruise ship – twice. (Thank you, Universe). I’ve enjoyed the beautiful, bleached shell beaches of Cozumel and Cancun, MX. I’ve visited Germany in the fall, when the golden leaves fall on the road like overgrown snowflakes and fill your being with the surreal sensation of child-like amazement.

I’ve spent many days searching the entire continental United States for the most perfect spot; the most perfect National Forest/Park; all 48 states and never could decide.

I was fortunate enough to be born in Wyoming, where the seasons change right before your eyes, the freshly fallen snow offers you scattered diamonds in the morning, and the spring brings you flowers of all scents and colors. I lived in Oregon for a spell – what a beautiful place that is. I spent some time in the California Mojave Desert where the sunsets surpass all others; New York, where the fireflies (the first time I ever saw one was in upstate NY) dance and twinkle you back to the age of two; Georgia, where the beaches of Tybee Island are littered with sand dollars, and the air smells of anticipation; Colorado, where each and every day the mountains take your breath away and make you want to kneel before them and kiss the ground in gratitude for sharing their cloaks of many colors with you. (But you don’t because people would point and stare…)

I am grateful for the many opportunities afforded to me in regard to my writing. Sometimes it feels as if my books will never be released, but I know everything comes in its divine right time, so I am grateful for this time of anticipation and planning.

And least, but not last – I am grateful for things: Things make my life more comfortable and enjoyable – the television, this computer, my hobbie-makers (cameras, telescopes, dark room equipment, glue, felt, paper, etc.), the washer/dryer, the refrigerator & stove, the dishwasher, the alarm clock, the stereo… beautiful and enjoyable music… wonderful and life-enhancing movies…

Of all my belong-ings, my collection of crystals gives me the most pleasure while just sitting and enjoying a cuppa. The rainbows created by the sun filtering through them are splattered throughout my home – always changing, always dancing. I am grateful to be able to see and enjoy the wonderment of nature; the simple pleasures.

Now… don’t you feel better?

All right. We’re done. Thanks for playing. All you have to do now is go about the rest of your day and…

…and In Joy,



Sandra Miller Linhart said...

I'm grateful for my brother's sense of humor... have you checked out 'bruno's bud' lately?
You oughta.
(just click the link on the left side of my page - he has two: 'bruno's bud' & 'ginger's pop')

James A. Bowders said...

I am grateful for my life and those in it.

But what do I know?

pass the popcorn, please!