28 March 2008

Sorry I blew up.

I attended class last night at the same venue it has been for the past 2 weeks.

I am a creature of habit – I get there a bit early as I have to drive 2, sometimes 3 or more hours to get there and don’t want to get stuck in Denver traffic during rush hour…

So, I walk into the building and head directly for the classroom (which has been on the third floor the previous three times it’s been held) via the elevator. I’m thinking of the RV that almost ran me over on I-25 when the car in front of me stopped and I stopped, but RV had a little harder time going from 75 to 0 in 2 seconds… Yikes!

I lived.

Anyway, I boarded the elevator, lost in thought, pushed 3 (for the third floor) and kinda looked around a bit. I noticed a menu of activities posted on the right wall of the tiny, mobile room. ‘Huh! John McCain… Isn’t that odd? Some guy with the same name as a presidential candidate is speaking at this building sometime tonight. Weird…’ (Yeah, I do stuff like that all the time.)

The door opens and I step out of the elevator to a room full of black-suit-dressed goons, female and male – all standing around tables looking self-important and more equal than others. (I think I walked in on them patting each other on the back, or something.) I’m dressed in blue jeans and a pink sweater. WAY out of place. I nod, and then head to the hallway which leads directly to the classroom I’ve been attending for the past 2 weeks…

Sasquatch in a black dress suit holds out her hands in a “hold on there, Sparky” way and says: “This area is secure!”

I think to myself: ‘define secure.’

I said, “No, that’s okay – I’m attending a class just around the corner.” And I kinda point in that direction.

Sasquatch says, “NO! This WHOLE area – this WHOLE floor – is secure.”

I’m thinking, 'Not so much – I just walked off the elevator… no problems there! How flippin’ secure is that? Again… define secure.'

I say, “Oh!” and I’m sure I’m standing there like a fish in the headlights… or a deer out of water… and then I say “They must have moved the class.” Then, I start to get back onto the ‘secured’ elevator to leave these self-important people to smelling each other’s armpits and choosing up sides.

Another lady walks me to the doors and said “Here, let me help you.”
I say, “I don’t need an escort. I can figure this out. But, Thank you.”
She pushes button #1 and walks out of the elevator. I look at the list and see the class is to be held on the second floor that evening.
I say, “Well, thanks, but I needed floor 2…” as the door shuts on my words.

And I was thinking of voting for McCain…


James A. Bowders said...

The problem with Security People be they members of the Treasury Department with college educations, degrees in Justice and Criminal Behavior (Personally, I believe that they take those courses so they know what they can get away with) or they be the Local Security at you favorite watering hole, sometimes referred to as “Bouncers”. And in most of my opinions other Law Enforcement Officers, these are people that knew early in their lives that they would be surrounded by metal bars and uniforms and guns, it was just a question of which side of the bars they would be standing. It is my observation that they have lost sight on the common person, in their eyes everyone is just like them. (This by the way is character deformation, I am speaking of a general condition that exists because they are not accountable to the common person only to the powers above them, which they themselves are tainted with this loathsome hatred for the common people and so it is perpetuated by the mindset that ALL people are evil and plot to disrupt their nice in life. This is an important aspect of this rant, because they seem to always forget, that THEY are the disruption in the normal routine that we mindlessly follow. For example, when I am driving down the Highway and I round that blind curve and the first thing I see is a car in a place a car should not be, say the middle of the median pointed in my direction, the first thing I do is slowdown as my mind ascertain additional facts. Like; is it moving at me, how fast is it going, is it out of control, what type of car is it, is it the only one, and so on. Along the line I may or may not identify it as a Police car, but inevitably the Law Enforcement Officer sees I hit my brakes and assumes I slowed because I was speeding and now wants to invoke their self appointed Justice on me. So to shorten this rant I will not go into the two way abusive conversation that we get into, them accusing me of Lawlessness and I asserting that they are brainless jerks for being parked illegally. (If you have a doubt about that, just ask yourself this question, “What would they do if I were doing that?” if the response to that question is to cite you for breaking the law, then they are breaking the law under the guise of enforcing it. “Do as I say, not as I do” rule. Which brings us to members of Congress and other mindless twits that are overcome with a sense of their own self importance and that they are more equal then others and are deserving so.

Don’t disrupt my life and then act as if I am a criminal because I did not simply bend over and allow you to piss down my back. Respect begets Respect, show it and you will receive it.

But what do I know?

Sandra Miller Linhart said...

Yeah, but I had absolutely no right being on the third floor - the same floor in which, just a few hours later, the possible figure-head of the 'free' (and i use the term lightly) world would be gracing - because I am merely ribble-rabble whose taxes pay their salaries, whose back they walk upon to get to where they (think they) are... and whose business is not theirs but does not belong poking into theirs...




You know we're only here for their amusement and benefit... when we are no longer useful, they'll turn their backs on us po'foke, knowing their future is, in their eyes, ultimately "SECURE" because of the a$$es they've kissed along the way... and, of course, THEY dressed for suck-sess. (Oh, BTW - so did Monica)

Define secure.

Anonymous said...


James A. Bowders said...

TEABAG your congre$$man? Is't TEABAGING $200.00 extra?

But what do I know?

Anonymous said...

I meant to say congra$$bag, and besides $200 is a bargain at twice the price! After all, we've been forced to bend over for way more than that for quite awhile now - and to add insult to injury, we have to provide the red-hot poker! They have all the fun - we get all the bills (and the pain). It's all fun and games until somebody gets poked, and then it's more of a sexual thang! HELLO, I'M POKEY. GUMBY'S NOT AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW, PERHAPS I COULD BE OF ASSISTANCE?

Anonymous said...

I can only hope your class went well last night and you did not in any way incur the wrath of the vile and evil security personnel.

I can see the headlines now: “Authorities looking for woman involved with un-secure political activities. Public is cautioned, she is armed with wit and not afraid to use it. Film at eleven.”

pass the popcorn, please!