26 February 2008

If I were a rich man...

So much to say… so many thoughts… so little time.

I’m becoming increasingly saddened by the state of our union. It’s not just people’s arrogance and non-compliance with the laws – it’s some of the laws themselves. Americans are being gouged by Congress.

A friend of mine is trying to get car insurance because she was caught driving without it. It’s the law. She got into a bit of a scrape last year. The company in which she worked downsized and she was let go after over ten years of loyal service to them. Thing is, they didn’t even mention her job was in peril until six months after she bought the vehicle of her dream: brand, spanking new Mustang convertible…

She couldn’t afford to keep it. She could barely keep up with her mortgage payments. She let the bank take her dream car back. She bought a car off the used car lot – not her first choice, but seemingly dependable. It set her back $1500, but she cashed in a bit of her MF (the first word is mutual, not mother – figure it out), and bought it. Now she has to get vehicle insurance. Not a lot. Just the mandatory required by law: Liability and Uninsured Motorist.

She went to all of the usual companies who offer insurance and realized if she wanted insurance, she’d have to go without utilities or food – nice choice.

The minimum cost for her for liability and uninsured motorist was quoted at over $650 for six months… In a year she’d be paying almost as much as the car cost.

Why? You ask. She must have had a lousy driving record.
No. Not one moving violation in over 20 years. Except for a parking ticket two years ago, her record is clean. She’s never claimed anything on her insurance. She’s never been the cause of an accident, nor has she ever been in one.

Why, then, does her insurance quote so much?

Her credit rating.

It seems when she let the car go back to the bank, caused by the domino effect of losing her long-time steady job, the credit gurus deemed her a credit risk and caused her life to spin out of control. Then, the insurance companies used that score to determine her worth – even tho she pays up-front for insurance and there is no ‘credit’ allowed in insurance.

She has a car. She can’t get insurance. She has to drive to work (we don’t have public transportation in this neck of the woods) to a little-over-minimum-wage job, because, you see, she’s desperately trying to save her house. So, she did the unthinkable to her just a year ago… she’s been driving without insurance for the past six months.

She got pulled over for expired tags (you can’t get tags without proof of insurance) and received a request to stand in front of the judge.

I’ll bet you didn’t know – because it states on the back of your CO registration the fine is a minimum of $100 – three years ago they passed a law (without my consent) increasing that fine to $500. It continues to state on the registration $100 – but if you wind up in court you’ll find it’s now $500… unless you purchase insurance before your court date. So, now she has a $250 fine and has to pay over $600 for liability insurance – or the fine will be increased to $1000 and she’ll lose her license for, I think, four months.

OOooo… Hardened criminal. The only thing she did was lose her job.

On a separate note, a local businessman was just convicted of two counts of sexual assault of two minor children (ages 3 and 4, I think): His girlfriend’s daughter and his best friend’s daughter. KOAA reported “The assault against the two young girls is spelled out in disturbing detail in the arrest papers.” It went on to say: “he received a 20 years to life sentence of intensive probation for sex offenders. The judge also threw in a 6 month jail sentence. Immediately after the verdict, Brady's attorney filed a motion to appeal the 6 month jail sentence.”

He received 6 months in jail, which his lawyer is trying to defer… and probation for 20 years – which may sound harsh, but all sexual predators are required to register with the state – therefore also on lifetime probation…

So, slap the gardener’s hand because he’s from a wealthy, prominent family in town, but fine the beotch for driving without insurance because she can’t afford it and can’t afford not to drive – for she’ll lose her new job and also her home.


Anonymous said...

Hillary's dream state! I guess they mean what they say when they say ignorance of the law is no excuse. Funny thing is most "law" is just corporate policy changes dressed up to look like official legislation. Hard not to be ignorant of laws that are dressed down and hidden in the shadows to trap unsuspecting citizens or not even laws but play one on TV. Up here in the Pacific NW (GestapoLand)you are only at risk if you are a LEGAL resident of the state. And when they pull you over, they make sure you have to choose between your house payment or your fine. They, too, slap DUIs on the wrist several times -- pansy ass punishments apply. A drunk driver basically has to kill somebody before he is dealt with. We moved here in 1998 June. My husband was still working in MT and would drive over to visit us on weekends and help get things handled. He got stopped everytime he came to town, once he was ticketed for not having WA plates altho he was still working and living in MT. Another time, the porker apparently didn't care for his mud flaps. WA state law DMV book states if a driver is stopped for speeding excessive times in year, he will be required to attend a driving course to retain his license. However, it doesn't define excessive in terms of number of times or how much over the speed limit, basically very vague. Hubby got three speeding tickets in the period of one year, each of them for doing less than 10 over. The fourth ticket he received on a stretch of highway that drops from 70 mph to 60 in a heartbeat. When he was pulled over, it was discovered there was a bench warrant out for his arrest. Seems WA sent out a letter stating he had exceeded the number of tickets allowed in a year, he had to attend a class or lose his license. Unfortunately they sent it to a composite address using a POB from Richland we had when we first move here, and the city address and zip of the town we currently live in, so we didn't get the letter and had no idea there was even a problem. The |=@|=V(|< that pulled him over informed him of that fact and impounded his vehicle for a week. He called me to come pick him up. Meanwhile Officer Assbag told him he didn't have to go home but he couldn't stay there. Hubby told him I was on my way and he was going to stay with his truck until the towing company got there as he wanted the receipt/info and didn't want to leave it unattended. At that point Cap'n Fromunda snatched the ticket and impound slip back and increased the impound time to a month! It took us over a week of lost work time, both of us, since I had to drive him everywhere, to court to ask the judge to reduce the impound time, to court to settle the fines and to the DMV to go to class and pay fees to reinstate his license. Finally, over $2,000 later, I guess I should be happy the judge released his rig after only four days. All of this shit for their screw up! WA law enforcement is a joke.

Anonymous said...

my husband had his license revoked because they said he didn't pay a parking ticket - which he had, so when he got pulled over for not turning off his directional after turning a corner, the badged assbag told him his license was revoked and gave him a ticket for driving w/o a valid license. then, hubby went to court and proved he paid the original ticket and was told he could get his license back, but he'd have to go to the DMV and pay $25 for a new license because they've since destroyed his. He refused to pay for their mistake and was pulled over about a year later and was told there was a warrant out for his arrest - for non-payment OF THE ORIGINAL TICKET he went to court over and proved he paid OVER A YEAR AGO. Now he's been fined $500 because they say his license is still revoked...
Over two years we've been fighting them to fix their mistake. And not once did they ever bother to inform us they had revoked his license - twice - which is in accordance to their own law.

Anonymous said...

Just last week, my Number One Son had yet another run in with one of WA finest! He was anxious to go to the Big City to pick up a job application and pay for his college. He didn't want to wait for me to return and use my car so he got out the old T-Bird, an extra car we use in a pinch. Second Son had recently revved it up, changing the oil, etc. The boys avoid driving this car because the speedo keeps shorting out and they are soooooooooooooo tired of one on one pork attacks, they try very hard not to attract any attention. Anyway, he headed out, watching his speed, not even making it through town. He was behind a car when they passed one of WAs whistling dicks, another car pulled in behind him so he was fairly certain he wasn't speeding. A few minutes later, Occifer SFB pulls out, then turns on his lights. The rear car pulls over, as did Son. Boss Hogg pulls in behind my son. Only then does he realize he's being pulled over, can't figure out why. SFB tells him his registration is 2 months overdue and asks to see his proof of insurance. At this point Second Son is trying to pick papers out of the broken glove box one at a time. They find the 2007 insurance card, but haven't had a chance to locate a newer one, when Sgt. Snorkel says it looks like you have current insurance, I'll be right back. He is gone for only a few seconds, comes back and states he is only giving a warning ticket. Oldest signs. Officer Jackass tells him he doesn't have to go home, but if he gets caught again, he'll be in real trouble. The boys return home. Only then does Oldest realize Cap'n Scrotum has given him a ticket for $766.00!!!! $216 for lapsed registration and $550 for driving without proof of insurance! In following up, we are sure we re registered the car for 2007, but cannot find anything. The insurance company prepared a letter stating the car had been continuously insured since 2001. We know from experience tho that the judge is unlikely to bust the fines down much 'cause of the paperwork fees!!!! Sons were both so depressed for about a week. We are still waiting on a mitigation hearing date. He is a young, white male, who has been paying his own way since he was a teenager. He wants to work and go to school. It is unlikely he will qualify for financial aid as he lacks a permanent suntan and a wet back! I didn't cross the Rio Grande, illegally or otherwise, to birth him. And yet, law enforcment calls several times a year asking for $$$ donations for their various balls, and causes. I always have to tell them we gave at the office, and if that's not good enough, I have your donations right here!!!! The kicker of this whole day trip into hell? Several months ago, First and Last were driving home when they witnessed a drunk driving accident. A woman coming up a cross street had missed the intersection and driven her truck up the guidewire, hitting the stop sign about 12 ft in the air and continuing upwards, chipping the telephone pole about 20 ft. in the air. The impact knocked her rig over and she came to a rest on the driver's side. She was trying to stand up and get out the passenger side. The boys helped her out and offered to call 911. She declined and started to walk back down the way she'd come. When she noticed Oldest was on the cell phone, she came racing back, begging him not to call the police. He told her he already had. She had wanted them to help her roll her rig over so she could drive it home. They refused. She took off running through the orchard. When the oaficer got there, he took their statements and then told them she had been arrested several times for drunk driving, but never convicted. He told them they should have tackled her and kept her at the scene until he arrived. Can you believe it????? Anyway, several months and many subpoenas later, both boys are called to court to testify for the state against the drunk driving woman. The boys spent their whole day in court with - you guessed it -- Occifer SFB that pulled them over last week. He must have recognized them from somewhere, but his limited brain activity would not allow him to figure it out. He assumed, since he had seen them, they must be trouble makers and they would have to pay. HEADS UP WASHINGTON STATE - THE NEXT TIME YOU NEED WITNESSES TO SUPPORT A CONVICTION - WE SEE NOTHINK! WE HEAR NOTHINK! WE KNOW NOTHINK! GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR CASE!!! Apparently when it comes to law enforcement in the Evergreen State, no good deed goes unpunished! YOUR REALLY TAUGHT THEM SOMETHING -- I THINK THE BOYS HAVE LEARNED THEIR LESSONS!!!!

James A. Bowders said...

In my experience working as a recruiter, I had talked to many, many young people with the dreams of being involved in Law Enforcement. But I soon found that the majority of these people were already involved with Law Enforcement and it was from this early involvement with the Justice System that their desire to become Officers became ingrained into them. You see, these were people that knew they were going to end up on one side of the bars or the other, so before they could be interned for ten to twenty for thirty years for actions that were unacceptable to our society they were rushing to don the blue.

Haven’t you ever wondered why it was legal to break the law to enforce it?

But what do I know?

pass the popcorn, please!