12 February 2008


We said good-bye to two fluffy, lovable family pets yesterday. Our mini-lops, Frank & Stein were killed yesterday morning by forces I’m afraid to name… the animal control officer tells me she thinks it was a bobcat or mountain lion… but I’m not so sure. Nothing was disturbed... no blood... no gore... no puffs of fur...

I am heartbroken, however, and have come to the realization it doesn’t matter how they lost their heads, I miss their loving nuzzles.


Anonymous said...

But you can rest easy knowing that it couldn't have been the teenagers in the neighborhood cuz they always take the bodies and put the heads on a stick! No red flags there!! Maybe it's just a wannabe Satan worshiper- a beginner! Perhaps he read the manual wrong or missed the fine print! Anne Ominous

Anonymous said...

so... what's so scary about a bunny's head on a stick? The neighborhood goth-teens probably had to change their MO for bunnies, and took the heads and left the bodies this time... A cat's head on a stick is somewhat chilling - but a bunny's head... hey, that's kinda fun.

pass the popcorn, please!