24 January 2008

Sleepless in my prattle

Just how long can one live without sleep? Does anybody really know?

It's like the commercial for the Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop - The world may never know.
Does one drop dead right at the crucial time? When making the final note one is still alive at, say, 2 am on a Sunday morning, then drops dead and is not found until five days later, irrevocably altering the scientific data of how long one can survive without sleep?

Yep - you guessed it. I'm rambling on because I are one tired puppy. No sleep in four nights will do that to this person.

You are left to pluck through the drivel of my exhausted mind to find a thought worth clinging to and applying to your rear view mirror for later retrospection (wait, that's kind of redundant) so, introspection... or something like that.

I did receive an email today with the phrase:
Actions speak louder than bumper stickers.

I like that.
I like it a lot.

...I am saddened by Heath Ledger's death, although it doesn't much alter my plans. He will be missed by many, I'm sure. I enjoyed "Knight’s Tale" "Ten Things I Hate About You" & "Patriot" to name a few. Sad face. He seemed like a decent human being with a promising future. (I wonder if he forgot to forward that chain email I sent.)

My brain is going into hibernation now, so knock on my door tomorrow. Maybe I'll have slept and be more alert ...actually say something 'mirror worthy'...or maybe not.

Probably not.

Hey, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Deb A.  You know you'll always be older than me.   Enjoy your cake.



Anonymous said...

Trying something new with your prattle? Good for you!!

Sandra Miller Linhart said...

Thanks for the gumball, Mickey!!!

Pat me on the back and call me a taxi.. "You're a taxi."

Anonymous said...

Maybe you'd sleep better if you tried snoozing somewhere other than in your prattle?!

pass the popcorn, please!