17 January 2008

Sexy! Sexy! Sexy!

I’ve just sent the kids to school. The TV is on… crowd noise, you know. E! THS Investigates – Serial Killers… I heard an announcer say “2 – 4 % of the population are psychopaths… so, they’re out there.”

Which explains a lot really.

Exspouses… Peanut allergy Moms (& Dads – that’s why it’s 2 – 4% and not just 2% - which is the percentage of peanut allergy sufferers in our pop.)

So, you’re more likely to be a psychopath than you are to be allergic to anything.

Hiding in plain sight.

Yesterday the girls were home sick… not to be confused with homesick… anyway, I zoned out between running hot tea to one, soup to the other… on one channel – I can’t remember – the 50 cutest childhood stars (and where are they now) – a program from 2005.

I wasn’t really watching, but observing. Did you know if a boy childhood star makes it through the “Growing Pains” - surviving fame at such an early age to become someone as productive as, say, Opie Cunningham they are spouted as being intelligent trend-setters of fantastical degree… whereas if a girl childhood star makes it through puberty tracking the same path as her childhood male co-star, she’s SEXY, SEXY, SEXY!!! …regardless of what she’s done in the days since. Unless you’re someone like Natalie (Mindy Cohn) from ‘Facts of Life’ – then you’re funny. (Are you aware she’s been working pretty much solidly from about 1980 on? They kinda skimmed over that information.)

My sister related a story to me yesterday: Preparing to ‘go to work’ on a project with a friend, she donned some old over-alls. Her husband walked in the room and asked:
“What are you getting all dressed up for?”



James A. Bowders said...

Let’s face it, MAN (mankind) is an animal and shall always act like an animal. No matter how hard men try to act like sex doesn’t matter and as hard as women act like they don’t want to be the object of men’s desires. It is sort of a social dance that has been going on for generations. Some cultures have adapted better to the reality of life than others. I would venture to say that the USA is in the back seat when it comes to the moral and social example of the sexual equality that they claim they strive so hard for. SEXY, SEXY, SEXY. America the land of hypocrisy and rhetoric, long shall we stand for the best thing that is MAN and yet we strive on Sports and Competition and yet we don’t want to project an air of superiority and find that we have offended someone. The MOB would rather watch reality shows based on the looser next door because they walk away from a night of mindless encouragement that their pathetic lives really are not that bad, I mean how low do you have to sink to be on these shows? The MOB would rather base its informed conclusions on “group think”. Or even worse depend on broadcast news for their unbiased and truthful fact gathering. Let’s face it face sex sells and if you have several scantily clad “sexy bodies” prancing around you or your product the MOB will buy it. I wonder why we don’t see that when someone is selling us their moral virtues? SEXY, SEXY, SEXY. I expect to find it a key part of this year’s election campaigning. Get ready America, because as they are distracting you from the issues with several scantily clad sexy bodies prancing around that hand you feel on your ass is looking for your wallet.

But what do I know?

Anonymous said...

"Maybe you'll hit a mid life crisis, lose 40 lbs, and get sexy, then leave your husband." I guess I should be happy that he only thinks I need to lose 40 lbs.!!!? I could lose about 200 lbs. permanently by never getting involved with another man!!!! HA!!

pass the popcorn, please!