13 January 2008

My daughter, Jack

So… yesterday daughter #4 had to go to a birthday party at the local fitness club. She made a card and put on her suit, all in front of daughter #5, who’s having a really hard time understanding why she can’t go, too.

“It’s not a community pool,” I say.
“Yeah,” Marci interjects, “Matt’s family owns it… It has a huge hot tub, too.”
“No, they do not. Marci quit teasing your sister.”
To which I get a big smile as Marci runs to grab her towel.
“They won’t notice.” I think Sophe actually believes her words.

We drop Marci at the fitness center and head off on a quest for those non-skid thingies, probably made in China, you put on the floor of your bathtub so your kids (or Mom) won’t slip and kill themselves in the shower… what are they called?
Nope, me neither.

So, I’m walking thru the first department store (no, not Wal-Mart) and finally ask someone who needs to ask someone, who tells me…
“Yeah, they’re in the back with the shower curtains and stuff.”
I find a pretty shower curtain… needed one anyway. Looking all over for those thingies and wish, not for the first time, I knew their exact moniker.
(Found an old, ugly, thick bath mat with octopus suction cups… I think it was a beautiful shade of retirement-home-grey. I had to pass it up.)

We leave store one with shower curtain, drain stopper (my bathtub drain leaks) and a child’s make-up kit Sophe just ‘had to have.’ It was on sale – 30% off – so that makes it understandable, right? And besides, she didn’t get to go swimming…

…and she promised she'd share with Marci as long as Marci was nice, and asked ‘Please’ and didn’t try to…(I admit – I stopped listening.)

Store # 2 - grocery store. No luck there.

Store # 3 – Walgreens. No rude lady with three unruly kids, but no non-skiddy sticky stuff either…

Sophe and I are leaving the store when we pass a bin with a sign “ON SALE – 3/$10.00.” Inside are plastic, personalized cups with the most up-to-date, popular names you could ever imagine… ‘cept my kids’ names. Well, they had ‘Paige’ but no Diana, Tahna, Marci or Sophe. Go figure. No Knickerless, either – which was surprising.

Sophe looks up at me and says “We gotta get this one for Paige.”
Now remember, she didn’t get to go swimming today, like her sister did, and swimming is her favorite #1 sport of all time…

We’re rooting thru the bargain bin – I’m thinking “Maybe I can find one for one of the cousins, or something we can use as a present later. Three for ten dollars…Wow! That’s like too good to pass up… a little, crappy plastic cup for about $3.33. (I’ll give Paige the one for $3.34.) Forget we don’t need them. Cheap at twice the price!”

Sophe pulls out a cup which says “Sophia”
“I want this one!” she declares.
“That’s not your name,” I say.
“So what? It’s close enough.”
“Close enough doesn’t count in names.”
“What do you mean?” she asks, still holding the cup.
“Sophia is not your name. I don’t know any Sophias.”
She’s still looking at me with eyes that say ‘yeah, but I didn’t get to go swimming…’
“We might as well get one that says ‘Jack’,” I say.
“Who’s Jack?” she asks.

Exactly my point!

Yeah, we left the store with three cups – one which says ‘Sophia’ – but I’ve decided I’m gonna start calling her Jack anyway. What’s in a name?

(Unless you’re trying to find something specific… like those stick-on non-skid bathtub thingies… which, apparently, my town doesn’t have.)


yvbritwww said...

How far out in the boonies do you live that you can't find the non-skid stick on thingies for your bat tub????

Sandra Miller Linhart said...

obviously just far enough.

Do they sell 'em where you live?

James A. Bowders said...

Bathtub Mat, some times Bath Mat, but please let us not confuse them with the one you step out of the tub onto. Granted they could be used if push comes to shove but you simply have to exhibit an I don’t mind the absorbency of the material to gain the full quality of cloth in the tub. Option B: The suction cup from a plumber’s helper. I am refereeing to the toilet plunger not the kid that hangs out with the plumber and runs back and forth to the truck for tools. A plunger cup securely affixed to your feet and you will never have to worry about the hazards of slipping and sliding in your tub again. However you will find putting your socks and shoes on a little more difficult. So put down that duct tape and sit down at the computer…

Some of the wonders of technology, today we can find them at various shop on line as well as in store. And with the price of gas, I am more then willing to put my hard earned dollar to work on the internet, browsing store after store looking for the perfect bathtub mat, but like our politicians we are stuck with what is being offered, choose the cheap plastic, fiber filled, non slip, ’60 color match, not to be used as a toy, harmful if swallowed, contains small parts and not suitable for children of any age, please no free thinking it disturbs the status quo.

Sorry, I think I may have slipped off subject.

But what do I know?

Sandra Miller Linhart said...

No, not a bath mat, but rather the little shaped decal-self-adhesive sticker thingies you 'glue' all over your bath tub 'floor' to keep from slip-sliding away...

what are they called?

But I do like the idea of seeing my mother in nothing but toilet plunger cups duct-taped to her feet... no, not really.

internet... hmmmm, I guess I didn't consider that. Could be an option, however the S&H fees would prob be more than the entire cost of them. Like on ebay, when I see a really neat thingy and at a bargain bin price (like them there cups) and then I read the postage and handling fee... tack on another $100 and it ain't such a good deal anymore.

What keeps you from slippin?

I just had a great idea - mein mutter has some great denture grip stuff... maybe I could just coat their feet with that before they take a shower... and they can eat apples, too! Bonus!

flutaleer said...

They are also called bathtub appliques. I googled non skid bathtub appliques and came up with tons of choices from $0 to $73. Though who would spend $73 on bathtub appliques I don't know.

Sandra Miller Linhart said...

$73?? Man, that's like diamond studded bath appliques.

Finally!!! A Name!! Yay.
Thank you. :o)

pass the popcorn, please!