11 January 2008

Blog of the Century

Did you ever have one of those days in which your head just hurt? For no reason; just ached like you had too much to drink the night before, but you know that’s impossible because you haven’t touched a drop in a long time.

This is my morning.

I have nothing to bitch about. No one’s being quirky. I cannot find any humor in the world today. Maybe the writers in my head have all gone on strike.

Do you think these blogs will live forever on the Internet? Do you believe some day – a hundred years from now, or so – kids will read back on these irreverent blogs (not just mine, but all of them) and do reports for school about ‘history’ and the way the world is ‘today’? That would be somewhat cool, yes?

How warped would history be, though, looking through the eyes of the disgruntled American or the over(or under)sexed zombie on another blog site? We all have warped and distorted views of our world and others who don’t think or act like we do.

Will their reports be chock-full of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton – not realizing the average American today thinks more about peanuts than they do those two? It would be understandable, though, as the ‘news’ is full of that crap. It could give some unsuspecting teenager cause to believe the celebutards ran our world in this century.

Maybe one of them will come across my blog, and realize the Entertainment Tonight’s version of the New American Bible may have some inaccuracies… after all – this really intelligent woman posted on her blog 100 years ago a dissenting opinion.

I wonder if all of their reports will be written in Spanish.

In Joy & Enjoy,

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Anonymous said...

allergies -- I think more about peanut allergies than celebutards, or politicians or other people in general for that matter.....MYOPIC MISANTHROPE

pass the popcorn, please!