11 December 2007


...someone to teach me how to 'gallivant' - I've been accused of gallivanting in the past, and would at least like to do it correctly.

Apply within (or without).

Thanks for the gumball, Mickey!


Anonymous said...

First, you must be dressed appropriately - otherwise you might be accused of moseying or ambling, maybe even sashaying! Shoes are the utmost importance - AND they must fit correctly. The pointier the toe the better! This should at least get you started. Please let me know if you have other questions......

Sandra Miller Linhart said...

yes, but... do I start off with my left foot? or a hot-toddy?

Sandra Miller Linhart said...

or... a taut hotty?

Anonymous said...

Close! But no cigar! Start with a hot twatty, er, hot teddy, remove, then....(wait-isn't this a family flavored blog? Umm, people.....especially tasty lightly floured, saute and served with chicken gravy.....Ummmmmmm

Sandra Miller Linhart said...

(disclaimer) the voices and views expressed on this blog are not necessarily those of this matron... I prefer beef gravy, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Have yew bin dranken agin?

It's nice to share!

P.S. Do yew like chunks in yer gravy?

James A. Bowders said...

Gallivant (verb) – to travel around with no purpose except enjoyment, to flirt or play romantically, gad about, travel, wander, paint the town red.

Follow up: gad (intransitive verb) to go around having fun in a carefree and aimless manner. As a (noun) carefree or aimless wandering

After careful deliberation I am of the mind that “Gallivant” is more of a state of mind then can be attributed to a mere article of clothing and other dressing accoutrements. Granted they have there place, but in the very epicenter of what it is to “Gallivant” the very heart of it is focused on pleasure and pleasure is that intangible thing that differs from person to person. As each ‘Gallivanter’ establishes their own personal unquantifiable level of success as they gallivant.

So It is of my opinion that for someone to stand in judgment of another as the condition of and the meeting of the standard of Gallivanting, it is done so in pure folly, as it is for that same person to dictate the amount of knowledge that can be assimilated by someone else. Do not impose your beliefs onto me, I shall decide for myself. Do not stand in judgment of my life when I see what you have made yours. Put your moral ruler down, until you learn that it starts with your soul.

But what do I know.

Anonymous said...

FINE!!! Wear nothing at all! See what that does for your reputation! Clothes make the attitude, Dude!
Say, wasn't that you we saw sashaying around Home Depot last week?

Anonymous said...

yes. I agree. wear nothing at all.

and take alot of pictures and post them here on this blog.

now that's a picture book worth buying!!!

no, that was probably me you spotted in home depot, but I was trying for more of a meander. I'll have to work on that

Anonymous said...

You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk? Apparently not! Please be aware however, no matter what you are doing, how you are doing it, or what you are wearing, your mommy's fun bags are turning into gramma's fat bags. Just thot I'd cheer you up a little! Here's a little word game just for you to demonstrate just how quickly this is happening.

Can you change the letters in the first word to create the third word in only a few steps? Clues will be provided to assist you.

1) Something you have as a child: F U N

2) Something that aids you in menopause: F __ N

3) An exciting post menopausal result F __ T

What word did you get? FAT? Right! Now add Bags. Congratulations! Your fun bags became fat bags just like that!


Anonymous said...


pass the popcorn, please!