16 December 2007

Purple Mountains

I hate going out. I don’t mean on a date – I mean to town.

So much road rage… tailgating… all that honking... and those hand gestures!

I really need to stop that kind of behavior – I’m an adult, after all.

But I found myself out in town yesterday, driving down our main street. I looked beyond the mundane and saw the mountains majestic. They filled my spirit; brought me home in my soul.

Enjoy your life today… and don’t forget to look beyond the mundane.
In Joy,

Pike's Peak from the San Isabel National Forest

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the uplift. Just sitting here feeling like it's all over but the crying...... Sometimes I know I forget to look around at the beauty. In a lot of ways, if we wake up to the beauty of the day, everything else is icing on the cake. Then the phone rings and the job I applied for (locally) wants to know if I can come down to talk right away about a parttime position that could lead to fulltime. Fills in the gaps tho, as my internet stuff is kind of winding down. We'll see. Thanks for the reminder. BENTUCKY NEWBLOOD.

pass the popcorn, please!