07 November 2007

Parts is parts...

My sister had what she considered a strange experience today. I don’t think it was so strange.

While she watched TV, a commercial displayed a beautiful girl in stiletto shoes and puffy lips. The young, barely dressed female provocatively pranced on my sister’s television, enticing males of all ages to make a private visit to the bathroom of their choice to take matters into their own hands. (I doubt if anyone knew what product she was selling.) My sister toughed it out until the end of the commercial, but after another commercial the station played the offending commercial once more.

Strangely, she felt accosted by this dehumanization of the female body – so much in fact, she almost lost her lunch. Thank God she hadn’t eaten yet.

She expressed her feelings to me in a phone call.

I told her I feel the same way when the media uses the beautiful female physique to sell merchandise. I don’t know why we, as women – or fathers and husbands for that matter – allow ourselves and other people to exploit our beauty for nothing more than “sex sells” and a woody.

(I wonder what a man would say if it were his daughter parading in front of the camera for his sexual pleasure. Surprise, Daddy! Are you proud of me now? Remember – every female is one of our daughters… or sisters… or nieces… or mothers.)

I feel the same way when females think the only things they have to offer society are two firm nipple mounds and a camel toe.

As you know, I have five daughters. It disgusts me to think they are targeted by the media to feel less than adequate if they don’t may-zure - as my mom would say - up to media’s (men’s) idea of a sexual beauty.

It disgusted me when I found a DVD full of scantly-if-at-all-clad, barely-if-adult teenagers in my Xs possession. (It still does.) His excuse – they are all just parts.

Just parts.

Just parts? Is that what we’ve allowed our female bodies to become to these socially acceptable perverts?

Just parts? When our young women are demonstrating wild girl-on-girl action and drunken show of frontal nudity to a camera so some guys can get… excited and others get rich from these barely un-children’s impulsive actions.

Just parts? When your 40+ year old partner turns his head and walks into a nearby wall because he can’t get enough of the 12-year-old-who-looks-not-a-day-younger-than-16’s breasts and tight pants? …and actually thinks that same girl wears a bikini to the beach/swimming pool for your partner’s play-zure - instead of the boy-who-sits-next-to-her-in-class she has a crush on.

Just parts? When you go to a movie and you know the director knew his vision sucks when he brings out the nipple parts. If you get a glimpse of the crotch parts – he knew he’s really in trouble… but when the long, drawn-out, don’t-catch-me-yawning shot of the woman’s OOOOhhh face, and shows nothing but the stud’s back but all of the female’s parts - you know you’ll never see this movie up for any kind of award. But you might see it in your son’s or partner’s sweaty hands at the video rental store… and that’s all that matters, huh? Sex sells. Females whore their parts out for profit… they sell their souls to pay the rent. A moment they'll tray-zure for the rest of their lives.

Just parts.

And when our parts are used up and tired out – which is the ultimate result in every case – are any of us surprised?

And, when we find the twenty-something x-beauty in the morgue too soon or out at the pub too late, unable to handle the effects of gravity and the draw of the parts of children ten years younger than her to her once captive audience, will we act surprised?

Since when is sex synonymous with a naked female – lips red with make-up ready to go down on their knees at the first command?

Some may say I’m a frigid woman who’s just jealous because my parts sag to my knees and couldn’t find my ‘G’ spot with an alphabet ruler. Others may call me uptight and wonder why I find the female body so disgusting.

I am not jealous my parts sag to my knees – it gives me something to put in my lap as I sit to ease the pain in my back.

My ‘G’ spot is somewhere between my ‘F’ and ‘H’ spots…

I don’t find the female body disgusting – but I do find the exploitation of and salivation over the female parts to be disturbing, to say the least.

If our parts are so natural and common – why use them provocatively to sell? What’s all the hullaballoo about?

They are, after all, just parts.

Everything has parts – even my hair. Does that turn you on?

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Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC! I have often felt this way! Not turned on, not jealous, just mostly sad, sad for the little girls, sad for the little boys (misguided too), sad for the parents of these babies; and sad for the hardworking mothers and spouses constantly being made to feel they have to compete on this level to be valid. Many women think this kind of behavior is the meaning of empowerment for women, but I can't see. Feeling okay about leaving it your pants because YOU want to - that's empowerment. Wake up girls! There's so much more to life and so much more of your life to live; letting others see you as parts won't make you whole.

pass the popcorn, please!