03 October 2007

Peanut Poison

A word from the prohibited peanut (gasp!) gallery:

Sorry people. I decided to remove my comments as they were causing too many of you to lose your self-control and self-respect. And, gave cause for me to wonder about the state of your mental health. You'll have to go to someone else's site who doesn't agree with everything you stand for to get your aggressions out for the day. It may take awhile to find one - I find that the 2% of the population is far more out vehemently outspoken than the other 98% of us.

No one's opinion should ever incite so much hate.

No one's children should be ever be a target of contempt - and no, I am not talking about me targeting your children - I never did - but many of you targeted mine.

I have five beautiful daughters who are well-rounded, self-assured and are allowed to form their own opinions separate from mine, contrary to popular belief. They won't seek out your children and smear peanut butter on them. I promise. I won't go to your school and endanger your children. I promise. I am no threat to you. You need not be 'shocked' nor 'scared' nor whatever other emotion you felt and blamed on my words. I'm only 5 feet, 2 inches tall. But I'm told I have 'exquisite' ankles, for what that's worth.

The opinions posted on this blog are mine - and mine alone. If someone shares my opinions, it doesn't matter. If you don't share my opinion - it still doesn't matter.

The comments posted on Allergymom.com, as most media-type outlets with their own agenda, were taken out of context. If you do that with the Bible, you can find justification for a father to 'lay down' with his daughter. This is a very dangerous practice.

I don't deserve nor merit your pity as I have a wonderful life regardless of the burdens I have had to overcome. I never felt the urge to place my burdens on anyone else, but I will not judge you for your decision to place your burdens on others.

I am not overwhelmed by mothering five children. In fact, the opposite is true. They give me strength, comfort, hope and laughter.

I wish the same for you.


AllergyMom said...
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Sandra Miller Linhart said...
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ArtLvr said...
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Sandra Miller Linhart said...

I have never dismissed FOOD allergies and the problems they cause for our children. I have NEVER said they were a minor problem.

If you're going to read just one post and think you've got me all figured out - read a different one. Read all of them.

I don't need help raising my children.

Thank you for your input. I'm sure it will educate me in my ignorance... Do you have a cure for the other highly opinionated and self-righteous posters?

Sandra Miller Linhart said...

To all you parents out there whose child suffers from asthma, diabetes, autism, cancer, failure to thrive, mental disorders, physical disorders, emotional disorders, MS, Scleroderma (I'm unsure if I spelled that one correctly), spine - back - or bone problems, allergies of all kinds, malnutrition, SPD, and the myriad other ailments affecting our children - my heart goes out to you.
Yours is a long and burdensome load to carry.
In Light and Love

Anonymous said...

I noticed you removed a bunch of stuff, I check your blog everyday, don't remember seeing some of the removals, but I am assuming it was just more of the same.

You know, babies die or get brain injuries, (ADD, ADHA and autism) suspected from vaccinations, and those parents that speak out against mandatory vaccinations are often abused and mistreated by other ignorants refuse to believe what other sources are telling them because it doesn't fit their reality types.

I noticed on AM.c that one parent was bitching about how another such as yourself felt the protective measures had gone too far, the open minded parent had stated that forcing everyone to get a spit bath after lunch everyday was a violation of privacy and rights. Bitter mom stated rights to what - hygiene? clean hands? How about right to choose. Sure in an ideal world, little Bobby and Cindy would never get dirty, etc. but when it comes right down to it, as much as it grosses us out, little Bobby has the right to eat his samich with hands covered with snot and grime, just because it makes someone uncomfortable, doesn't make it wrong or against the law. If you don't like guns, don't own one. If the world is such a threat to your child, then isolate your child or accept that fact that there are some things you cannot control. You may ask that others help in your efforts to make the world safer, you do not have the right to demand that everyone put their lives on hold and address your issues. I suspect many of these parents are also suffering from the burden it places on their lives, they can no longer be free and just live, so it's not fair that others have it so easy. THEY seem to be the ones that don't recognize we all have our share of crappy things we have to deal with and work around, compassion is great but it is not a "tool" to fling about in the course of emotionally blackmailing others into adopting your cause. Common sense should tell a person, if you don't like it or agree, walk away, look away, do something else. In the case of "life-threatening' conditions, you as the afflicted person have the responsibility to take precautions and make adaptations. You don't have the right to infringe on other peoples' choices. If Jr. is so highly allergic to everything, maybe he should be in a bubble. If not a bubble, then isolate HIM. Why is he sooooooooo much more important than any of the other little people awkwardly trying to make it thru their day.

My point? As you say, sorry about your burdens, but if the world is such a dangerous place for you and yours, find a way within your own world to make up for that, do not expect other people to be inconvenienced or remove themselves from your problem. Compassion yes, tyranical expectations and demands? NO! You may ask nicely, I may comply if I see the need. When considering the special needs of one child in 400, you also need to consider the special needs of the other 399.

They are all special needs to a young vulnerable child. Anything that provokes an allergic reaction has the potential to end a life, sometimes out of nowhere. Peanut allergies are sad and scary but to a parent or family member whose loved one is allergic to say antibiotics, or bee stings, the threat is just as scary and sad.

Antiseptic world is not the answer. I don't know what to tell those people, not sure there is anything you can tell these people. They are soooo tied up in Johnny's ID as an allergy child and the special attention they've been allowed to exploit, they probably wouldn't know how to go on, if a cure were suddenly developed or the problem was found to be caused by a less threatening source, etc.

Let them be, they really are tiny people with a tiny view of the world and their own self importance.

Interestingly, you expressed an opinion, they fired back, you didn't apologize and jump on their bandwagon,so they kept firing. my guess, whenever they are faced with similar situations, most people back down or backtrack out of guilt or shame. Shame on them! Emotional Blackmail is NEVER acceptable, execpt when dealing with unreasonable teenagers!

Hope the mail gets better. Too bad so many people got nothing better to do. Kind of makes you wonder how the US manages such a high productivity rate?!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

whatever happened to survival of the fittest?...are you a complete IDIOT...it's called medicine, healthcare,safe environments.....how can you even make a ridiculous statement like that??

Anonymous said...

Sandra..I think it's unfortunate that you have taken so much heat for your comments but really it does not serve your best interest to allow the comment concerning "survival of the fittest" to show on your comment moderated post page when you have deleted many others that I suspect challenged your opinions...it only serves to confirm peoples opinion of what your true intentions are....FOOD FOR THOUGHT

Sandra Miller Linhart said...

I think it is interesting that when I posted the anti-sandi sentiment, y'all jumped on the bandwagon to have me hung by the nearest tree with the roughest rope. You know my stance on allergies, yet y'all continued to harrass and harangue me trying to persuade me to cowering before you.
My conviction still stands: I believe the DOE gives peanut allergy sufferers preferential treatment... as I stated and you all vehemently disagreed - peanuts/nuts are NOT the only life-threating allergies/ailments affecting our kids. If you use your logic that peanuts are life-threatening, thereby should be banned from school - then ALL foods should be banned... close down all the bleeping lunchrooms and quitcherbitchin' for goodness sake.

My opinion IS NOT survival of the fittest.. but I like how any dissenting opinion of yours makes you believe by my posting it, makes me side with the poster... I posted all of the attacks from allergymom, et al (and the only thing I believe about them is they are unstable and unable to cope) until they all grouped together and felt it was a forum to attack any healthy child in their path... so I deleted the hate.

As stated before - I have a warped sense of humor. Do you TRULY believe the poster TRULY meant it?

It's not only your freedom of speech - It's all of ours.
I'm sorry if an age-old adage offended you.

As a previous poster said - which I do agree with - 'they are all special needs to a young, vulnerable child'

ALL children are special - not just those with 'special needs'
Sorry if you don't agree with that.

Another point to mention - y'all know who I am. I put my name out there because I don't hide behind a hood or mask - If you are so committed to your convictions - why are you all 'anonymous'?
It's so easy to throw hate and hateful words around if you don't have to be held accountable for them.

No, I don't agree with 'survival of the fittest' and I don't agree with your point either.
Neither one makes much sense, does it?

But, in an effort to mend fences, I will remove the remark. However, removing it will not change the poster's mind.

In Light and Love,

Anonymous said...

can i say something. my child is allergic to milk and insect bites and i'm as tired as anyone that the well meaning parents of other children with problems continue to try to change the laws and use the money meant for schooling and books and supplies to conform the entire school system to their child's needs.
in the meanwhile, my child cannot learn at school because there's not enough money for books since the school had to pay for that nurse for that one child and that ramp for that other one.
meantime i'm taking money out of my own pocket to pay for my own kids' books and supplies that used to be paid for with my taxes but instead my taxes are going to another special program or tolerance training yet we're the only ones who are supposed to be tolerant
sorry, i won't post my real name either. i hope you can tolerate that.

Anonymous said...

my comments concerning the "survival of the fittest" comment was not intended as an attack on you but rather a reaction to peoples ignorance in general...it is most certainly your right to post whatever you wish but if your goal is to p*** people off , then the decision to post something so ridiculous suggest that you are succeding...the question of the fittest surviving goes well beyond any allergy, and questions the value of people afflicted with many and various disabilities, diseases, and challenges.

Jon Hunter - Washington, DC

Sandra Miller Linhart said...

Well said. I appreciate you using your name in response. Thank you.

Life is challenging, even if you have no disabilities or diseases.

I post responses because I like my blog to be a forum of thought - not a blog for one-sidedness or one-tracked confirmation-needed minds.

I moderate the comment so no blatantly offensive words appear.
If the words and thoughts of others offend you (no, not you Jon, but the 'you' population in general)- then that is on you. As my mom would say: What you do with any given information is up to you - how you feel about any situation is up to you. You can look at a flat tire and scream, or look at it and be thankful you weren't driving at the time.
I'm offended all the time at ignorance and false logic. I get over it.

I felt the person who posted survival was just being an idiot - on purpose. I do not believe it was a call to put all people with ailments out into the jungle and have them fight for survival. I believe it was a way to bring laughter into a volatile subject.

I also believe if you can't laugh at life and you can't laugh at yourself...you're wasting precious air the rest of us need to breathe to survive.

Sometimes all you have is laughter. My father lost his leg to diabetes - he now tells everyone he's on his last leg...
When my daughter had cancer, she kept us all in chuckles - it's what made her strong and healthy.
When we go out to dinner and the food Marci is eating makes her throw up because of a piece of gristle or a cold spot - or you name it - my mother is wont to say: "She's a real joy to eat with, isn't she?" Watching her throw up is not fun. She's not having fun throwing up, either. Should I go scream at the cook for not preparing her foods the perfect way for her particular disorder? NO. Should I keep her locked up because of her disorder? NO. We deal and we laugh about it - because it's the one thing which helps Marci cope with her disorder.

You can choose to be a grumpy-gus and blame everyone and hate everyone for the cards dealt to you if that helps you get through the day, but please quit trying to make me stop laughing at my lousy hand. The object of the game of life (and all games for that matter) is not winning - it's having fun while you play and come away smiling even if you lose.

Have a happy heart.
In Joy,

Anonymous said...

I think enough has been said on the thread....I think you're right...life is challenging in and of itself.



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