09 October 2007

not to be confused with...

A bunch of words my family commonly misuses and/or mispronounces:

Forte - Something in which a person excels - pronounced fort.
Forte -  a note, passage, or chord played loudly and forcefully - pronounced for-tay.

Peruse - to read or examine with great care - pronounced per-ooze.
Scan - to examine closely... or to look over hastily (one definition) - pronounced skan.
Glance - (one definition) a brief or cursory look - pronounced glans.

Gist - the central idea of the matter, essence - pronounced jist.
Essence - the most important ingredient; crucial element (one definition) - pronounced es-ens.
Idea - a notion or fancy; significance or a specific action or situation (one definition) - pronounced i-dee-a

Comprehend - to grasp mentally; understand or know - pronounced kom-pre-hind.
Reconcile - to bring (oneself) to accept; to make compatible or consistent (one definition) - pronounced rek’en-sile.

Special - surpassing what is common or usual - pronounced spesh-el
Spatial - of, pertaining to, involving or having the nature of space - pronounced spay-shel.

Gird - a sarcastic remark, to jeer or jeer at - pronounced gurd.
Sardonic - scornfully mocking and derisive, bitter, scornful - pronounced sar-don-ik.
Sarcastic - expressing a sharply mocking or contemptuously ironic remark intended to wound another - pronounced sar-kas-tik.
Irony - the use of words to convey the opposite of their literal meaning; a literary style employing ironic contrasts for humorous or rhetorical effect - pronounced I'ra-nee.

Scullion - a servant employed to do menial tasks in the kitchen - pronounced skul-yen.
Serf - a slave, esp. a member of the lowest feudal class; a person of servitude.
Maid - a female servant - pronounced made.
Famulus - a private attendant or servant - pronounced famya-les.
Hackneyed - Overused and thus cheapened; trite - pronounced hack-need.
Mother - a female who gives birth, or watches over, nourishes, protects; female who holds the position of authority or responsibility; a creative source - pronounced mu-ther.

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Sandra Miller Linhart said...

Because of the recent postings regarding my intellegence - or lack thereof - I must add three more words:

Ignorant: without education or knowledge.

Opinion: A belief or conclusion held with confidence, but not substantiated by positive knowledge or proof. (See 'i-am-my-kids-mom-sam-i-am', i don't need to sight my sources. Neener!)

Opinionated: Holding stubbornly and often unreasonably to one's own opinion.

In my opinion, I don't believe I'm ignorant, but because you feel I am, you may be correct. But, I'd rather be ignorant to that 'fact' than opinionated in it...

I've often stated they could fill a whole building with what I don't know... Oh, yeah - they do. It's called a library.

In Joy,

pass the popcorn, please!