22 October 2007

American Soil-ed

I’m feeling a little saddened today. If you can’t tell by my blogs, I hold a soft spot in my heart for soldiers.

Could someone please explain the logic behind (I know, I’m all about logic)… the logic behind the propaganda against the US’s assistance to Iraq?

Lately I’ve been hearing the term ‘Iraqi Invasion’ everywhere, from my Mom’s friends - to the talking heads on the TV. I find that terminology rude and insulting. It’s a personal issue. You don’t need to agree.

Invasion – entrance of an army to conquer or pillage.

So… are our troops conquering or pillaging over there? Do they take turns? Pillaging on M, W, F and conquering limited to Tu, Th, Sa. Keeps everyone on track. And, everyone gets Sunday off for to watch football.

Since the beginning of the war, websites have sprung up naming, claiming and blaming the deaths of our soldiers in combat. The latest numbers - as of this posting- according to www.antiwar.com/casualities from 3/19/03 (beginning of mission) to 20 October 2007 show 3,149 US Soldiers have died in combat in Iraq. They’re passing around petitions for everyone to sign. They want the senseless deaths to stop. I don’t blame them.

3,149 soldiers. That’s very sad.

My heart goes out to the families and friends of the fallen.

I don’t mean to belittle nor trivialize their sacrifice.

Let’s look at some more numbers and you try to tell me what they mean.

3,023 people

2,865 people

Do you think you know?

Let me help you out. These statics can be found at http://www.disastercenter.com/

Do you know now?

Okay – one more hint.

It’s the number of people who have been killed since the beginning of our mission in Iraq… Do you have a guess as to where?

No idea? Okay – I’ll tell you.

3,023 people have been MURDERED in New York City proper (not including suburbs and outlying areas), since the beginning of the mission in Iraq (March 2003) until present.

2,865 people have been MURDERED in Chicago, Illinois proper (not including suburbs and outlying areas), since the beginning of the mission in Iraq (March 2003) until present.

Shall we do the math?

Five thousand, eight hundred, eighty-eight.

5,888 murders from 2003-07 in TWO American cities. TWO (2) cities have almost double the amount of killings within the same time period. The tragedy here - there isn’t a war in Chicago, and none in New York City – as far as I know, but nearly 6000 people have been killed anyway.

I don’t see any of you putting a ticker on killings within the city limits of Chicago or NYC. I don’t see any outrage on the faces of the talking heads.

I wonder how much higher that number would be if you added up all of the murders from HI to ME, AK to AL – front to side, top to bottom… Let’s see, shall we?

According to the Disaster Center Website –
17,034 MURDERS occurred in the US in 2006.
16,704 in 2005.
16,148 in 2004.
16,528 in 2003.

They don’t have final numbers for 2007 (obviously), but if I were to average this out with the numbers they provide, I come up with approx. 16,604 murders in 2007.

83,018 people murdered on American soil from 2003-2007.

I, too, want the senseless deaths to stop. Where’s that damned petition?

(This is where you look the other way.)


James A. Bowders said...

Thank you Sandi Girl, You have written what I have been vocalizing for over a year.

And they are not "Suicide Bombers" they are "Homicide Bombers"

Suicide = the act of doing something that seems contrary to your own best interests, somebody who intentionally kills himself or herself.

Homicide = the act or an instance of unlawfully killing another human being

I can justify it by this: War is governed by the Law of Warfare. If you are wearing a mask you are hiding your identity, why? Because you feel in your soul you are doing something that is wrong.

And Now the Democrats and spouting a bunch of oral crap about the veto of the child health bill, but what they don’t talk about is all the BS pork barreling they tacked on to it so they can say it is the “Child Health” Bill and not the “I have invested personal financial interest in the special interest provisions I have attached to this bill” Bill.

Sandra Miller Linhart said...

work with me here...

Anonymous said...

Very well said. Now get the so called "main stream media" on board. It's all politics.

Anonymous said...

Aren't you really trying to say "America MISoiLED"? Perhaps oil is the center of the universe?!

Sandra Miller Linhart said...

I don't know.
Then again, I don't KNOW a lot of things.
I do not believe over 83K Americans have been murdered within our borders because of oil.
(And I have a hard time buying the belief our soldiers are over there because of oil - or we wouldn't be buying it at $80+/barrel).

I have no proof. You could be right.

It seems to me if that were the case, though, more people would be up in arms for having to pay so much at the pumps after we rightfully conquered it in our invasion- right after we pillaged.

Here where I live 85 grade is still almost $3/gal. - subject to drastically change over a holiday when people travel more...
What is it where you are?

It makes you wonder who's being pillaged here?

Sandra Miller Linhart said...

My sister just pointed out that I'm an idiot..
she says she's not a genius, she just plays one on TV.
Slap me in the face and point out that the last Anne Onomous was saying we are being MIS LED.
Please forgive
In Joy

Sandra Miller Linhart said...

This just in...
More people have been killed on the US/Mexico border than in Iraq.
Just thought you'd like to know.
You may go back to drooling and watching American Idol now.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sandra, where are you? We are waiting in english class waiting for you to come talk to us!

pass the popcorn, please!